Rudra Kumar {name changed} was born 10 years ago in Sunsari {place changed} district of Nepal. Being a 10 years old child, he is still on the lap of his mother. Because he is still a baby. More seriously he has very large head.

Mrs. Maya {name changed}, mother of the child says that the child has big head from the birth. They consulted some medical houses nearby their village but that did not give any solution. Now she is planning to take the child to big hospital but there is economic problem.  She is raising fund for the treatment.

‘’What is the cause of the large circumference of head of the child? Is there any treatment? How can it be prevented?’’ Answering the questions of National Discovery Channel, Dr. Krishna Gautam says, ‘’We can diagnose it only after some tests on the child. However it can be the effect of Macrophaly. Macrophaly can be caused due to many conditions. The most common cause is large brain. It happens due to the imbalance between brain and body development during pregnancy. Hydrocephalus or excess water {CSF} in brain also may be the reason. There is no treatment for Macrophaly. Neither is there any prevention.’’

The child is unknown of these medical facts. He smiles very well whenever her mother calls her. Let’s pray God, something magical happens in the health of the child and he gets well very soon.
Discovered by Don Prince