Scientific Proof of God Was Discovered ?

Today is Martyr day in my country. On this very special day, I have written this confidential and semi secured article to give answer of the most burning question ever asked ‘’What is the scientific proof of God?’’ Hope you like it.

Good news is that I will not only give you the scientific proof of God but also tell you where he resides. Don’t worry I am not going to present any philosophical logic. Neither am I talking about some hypothesis and theoretical laws of Science. Today I am talking what you want to talk and listen on the topic of God.

For the better understanding of the concept, I want to ask you some questions if you don’t mind. But you should not give answer. You should only consider the question. Then you are done.

1. Our brain receives only necessary information within millions of wanted and unwanted information available in the surrounding in a matter of a second. Just imagine, what might happen if our mind receives all of them? We won’t have control over our mind, right? But we are safe because of the filtration of information. Who is filtering the information?

2. All of us have experienced the condition of confusion when we decide to do something which we don’t really want. It happens especially when we think for a moment to do a wrong thing which is against our norms and values or laws of the nation.  Who is trying to stop us from doing something wrong?

3. Some of us often wake up in the same time though we don’t set alarm. Who is waking us up on time?

If you are a fan of Psychology, you know the right answer of these questions. However let me tell you just for the refreshment of your knowledge. The answer is our subconscious mind. Yes, the unknown doer of the above mentioned tasks is our subconscious mind. I know you have read several times about subconscious mind. You can still find millions of articles about subconscious mind in the internet. You can also download thousands of books on it. Or you may have watched hundreds of movies about it. But you wonder this is first time you are reading that our subconscious mind is the scientific proof of God. It is the messenger of God. It is the part of God.


I had discovered this finding many years ago. Since then I was fighting with myself whether expose it or not to this world. As I was fearful to be treated as a crank, I chose to be a miser discoverer though it was not true at all. But when Hawking openly published his article about Time Machine challenging impossibility, paradox and oddity, I got courage to write what I have concluded. After all even Einstein, Aristotle, Hawking, and Newton were wrong in some of their findings and conclusion. Who the hell am I?

God resides in our heart. He is inside human beings. He is inside all creatures. These are old aged, real and universal saying. We don’t know who brought such concept for the first time. But I think you know why this concept was brought. It was a hint from our ancestors that the subconscious mind which is controlling our mind as well as life is the God himself.

Do you know I have written about 60 articles about subconscious mind and about 100 articles about God in this Blog? If you want to read them, simply go to the Tags section and read them all at free of cost. Happy reading!
Discovered by Don Prince

Science Behind 10 Superstitious Beliefs

Society is the source of knowledge. If you are searching something in the society, think that you are heading towards a huge library but not to read a book but to add a new book for others. However, some beliefs in the society are really funny. I say such beliefs the superstitious beliefs. But the funnier and interesting thing is that these superstitious beliefs have hidden science behind them. I have collected some of such beliefs and also tried to expose the secret science behind them. Hope I have served a well stuff for you all. Enjoy it.

1. Son and mother should not be departed on Saturday
If son has to leave home for some reasons like job, education, etc, he should do it in other days except Saturday. Because son and mother should not be departed on Saturday.

Actually mother makes sure her small child take bath and also washes his clothe on Saturday because it is holiday. So people made rule that they should be together on Saturday.


2. Don’t live in daughter’s house
When daughter is sent to another house, the parents should not eat anything in her house. Neither can they live there in their old ages.

The reason is that if parents are free to eat at daughter’s home and they can also live there, daughter will be equally valuable as son for the parents and it may eradicate the gender inequality problem in the society.

3. Insect found in tea is the sign of fortune
People believe that if insects like fly and mosquito are found in the tea or coffee, it is a good sign. They should just throw the insect and have the tea. They will meet good fortune.

This belief was made so that people do not throw the tea. And it can save the money of the shopkeeper.

4. If daughters are married in the early ages, the parents will go to the heaven
Some superstitious parents still force their daughter to get married in early age thinking that they will go to the heaven.

This system was made by the people not to invest on daughters for her education as they think that they will go to other’s home and they can’t give them any returns.

5. If you find money or gold that is unfortunate
People take finding property like gold and money to be unfortunate.

This system was made to force people report their findings without digesting.

6. Weeping babies while dropping from home is a good sign
When people find their children or babies crying they become happy because they think it is a good sign.

The actual reason is that babies cry so that they can follow their parents wherever they are going. So people started thinking and developing the belief that it is a good sign.

7. A person before baptism should not get marry
People get marry only after their baptism which is done by the priest. They are not allowed to marry before baptism.

The reality is that a person before the time of baptism is so child and a child can not marry.

8. Clothes should not be washed at night
People strictly follow the rule that they should not wash the clothes at night.

This is because there is no sun at night and it takes longer time to dry the clothes without sun.

9. Don’t wet head without undressed
People believe that they should not pour water on their head with any dress on body.

The actual reason is that the dress will be wet.

10. Woman should not give birth to a child at the home of her parents
People think that a woman should give birth to her baby at her husband’s home not at her parent’s home.

This is a pretext to continue patriarchal society by creating male dominated tradition.

There are numerous such beliefs in the society. The above mentioned are only for illustration. Have you ever experienced such experience or expression somewhere by someone? If yes, write them in the comment section below. Your little words can do a great to enhance the knowledge of many people. Thank You in advanced.
Discovered by Don Prince

10 Years Old but Still A Baby

Rudra Kumar {name changed} was born 10 years ago in Sunsari {place changed} district of Nepal. Being a 10 years old child, he is still on the lap of his mother. Because he is still a baby. More seriously he has very large head.

Mrs. Maya {name changed}, mother of the child says that the child has big head from the birth. They consulted some medical houses nearby their village but that did not give any solution. Now she is planning to take the child to big hospital but there is economic problem.  She is raising fund for the treatment.

‘’What is the cause of the large circumference of head of the child? Is there any treatment? How can it be prevented?’’ Answering the questions of National Discovery Channel, Dr. Krishna Gautam says, ‘’We can diagnose it only after some tests on the child. However it can be the effect of Macrophaly. Macrophaly can be caused due to many conditions. The most common cause is large brain. It happens due to the imbalance between brain and body development during pregnancy. Hydrocephalus or excess water {CSF} in brain also may be the reason. There is no treatment for Macrophaly. Neither is there any prevention.’’

The child is unknown of these medical facts. He smiles very well whenever her mother calls her. Let’s pray God, something magical happens in the health of the child and he gets well very soon.
Discovered by Don Prince