PK or Psychokinesis is a science of moving the objects through mind. It is also called TK or Telekinesis. A person having telekinetic expertise is believed to do several miraculous activities like bending objects, pulling and pushing persons, switching off the electric bulb, shaking the glasses on table, lifting the object from the ground, etc.

In 1984, United States Army Research Institute requested the United States National Academy of Science to research on Psychokinesis with the purpose of decorating the US Army troops with psychokinetic powers in upcoming wars. The research was stopped in the middle due to the lack of conclusive evidence of Psychokinesis.


Though telekinesis violates some of the established laws of Physics, a vast majority of parapsychologists, Physicists and common people believe on it. I personally believe on Psychokinesis. Regarding the research done by American government, I have following logics:

1. Telekinesis is all about belief system of mind. Due to lack of historical proof, American research began with full of entrust and doubt which was against the rules of telekinesis. So the research failed before it properly began.

2.  Telekinesis is a genetic phenomenon. It can’t be learnt. It can be explored. To be clear, if one genetically possesses telekinetic power but he/she does not know how to do it, it can be explored by practice. But if it is not inherited by birth, it can’t be learnt. So if the American research team had done the research with the help of the one who genetically possesses telekinetic skill, it would have been possible to reveal the secret of telekinesis art.

3. The research team left the research incomplete because they got frustrated having no result for a long time. If they had tried more, they could have reached the point from where they might have found the way to impart this skill to every common man including their army troops.

4. Telekinesis works well in the condition of extreme necessities. To be clear, if you extremely require telekinetic power to do something and you practice then chances are more that it works efficiently. Because belief is high at the time of extreme necessities. As American research was only a test, not extreme necessities, it did not give positive response.

Nothing is impossible in the universe. But if one believes on ‘Impossible’, nothing is possible. We say our Earth a unique planet because here are living beings. But scientists say there are many other planets where living beings exist. Actually Earth has become unique due to many other wonderful mysteries. Telekinesis is definitely one of them. Telekinesis is not a superstitious phenomenon. Science has not proved it to be superstitious. But if Science begins to close the chapter of any topic like this because of lack of solution, then the Science becomes superstitious.

It is really possible to move the matter with mind. If we open the pages of Physics, everything on the earth is already in motion. Yes, it is true that Telekinesis is against some of the laws of physics. But if telekinesis is proven to be true, scientists should not rewrite the laws of Physics. They can take the support of one universal and dynamic rule that  every law has exception.
Discovered by Don Prince