Was Hitler Lord Vishnu? I have heard this questions several times in my life. Today I want to share my opinion on this question, though I also can’t be right all the time.

Why do some people estimate Hitler to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu?
Those who believe Hitler to be Lord Vishnu also believe that whenever there is sin on the earth, God comes and brings war to finish sinners. Then those people say that Hitler caused the World War II. Ultimately they find this fact sufficient to prove Hitler a God.

I am not supporter of anyone. I am an independent writer and I share my opinion to enhance knowledge of other people. In this case what I say whether Hinduism does not say God brings war whenever he comes on the earth. Yes, it is true that whenever he came it was before the war and he saved the justice in the war. Secondly we can’t say that Hitler or anyone else brought the World War II. It just happened which was perhaps a need of time.

Why can’t Hitler be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu?
There are a number of reasons that prevent Hitler to be the incarnation of Vishnu. Let me mention some of them.

Hitler was not a Hindu: The first reason is Hitler was not a Hindu. Yes, he might be. But there is no clear evidence. No Hindu can accept anyone to be their God who comes as non Hindu.

Hitler did not get victory in the war: The war which is a mission of God himself can’t fail. But whole world knows Hitler failed his mission whatever it was in the World War II. In the other hand, World War II was a political war. It means, no party can be true or false here. It was not a religious war from any angle that we can compare it with the Mahabharata war of Lord Krishna.

Hitler was not a God during his time: During the time of Mahabharata, there were numerous people who used to believe that Lord Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But in the case of Hitler there is no evidence any person believed him to be God. He was completely a political personality.

When somebody departs from the earth, people start different estimation. Especially they try to prove someone to be a God or incarnation of God. Same happened with Hitler too. Otherwise there is no obvious reason that can prove him the incarnation of Vishnu.