First of all I want to clarify that this is my personal opinion. I have tried here to present my logic scientifically as far as possible. I believe that underestimation of any phenomenon without scientific result with genuine cause is more superstitious than any other blind faith prevalent in the dark society.

Do ghosts exist? If not, why are they still part of modern movies and literature? If they exist, why are not they detected by any modern technology? If they are not real, why about 45% Americans believe in them? If they are really existed, who has seen them? Debate still continues............

I am a Nepali. In my language ghost means ‘Bhoot’. If I need to say the actual meaning of ‘Bhoot’, I must say it is PAST. If you really don’t know the meaning of PAST, let me tell you it is the moment which has already happened. So Ghost means who has already passed. For instance, Robin was alive yesterday. Today he died. Now he is a ghost. Because Robin is not living at present and he is a PAST. Now tell me is ghost {Robin} existed? Yes, existed but in the past not at present. At present Robin is not existed. So ghost exists in the past and it is immaterial. We can also say it like this Ghost is existed in another universe. Because past, present and future are different universes according to the concept of parallel universe. And the ghosts live in the universe of past.

Some ghost hunters claim that Einstein’s theory also supports the existence of ghosts. Einstein says Energy can’t be created and destroyed. Energy only changes the form. This is a strong theory to prove the existence of Ghosts. In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna in Gita says that spirit does not take birth and never dies, it only changes the form. How interesting, the earth shaking theory which was emerged by Einstein in 19th century was already existed in the Hindu script written 5000 years ago. Almost all cultures of the world believe on the tradition of ghosts.

If you ask me to present some logics against the existence of ghosts, then I must take the help of psychology. There are many psychological disorders that can force you to experience ghosts around you which is only the result of hallucination. So I don’t be surprised if a mentally ill person tells me some haunted experiences. But sometimes it may be with normal people also, especially when they become the victim of sleep paralysis {state between sleep and wakefulness} at night.

People claim the detection of ghosts on videos, sound and photos which is nothing more than an entertaining misinterpretation. Look at the picture shown in this article. I myself took this photo where ghosts are passing in front of the two boys. That is not real ghost. It happened when I moved the camera due to coldness.

As ghost is immaterial, it can’t affect you physically because it is not existed in our universe. But it can contact you telepathically {mind communication}. If you don’t believe on them, they can’t communicate with you. They are not material. They are mental phenomenon. So people often say I don’t believe in ghosts but I scare with them.
Discovered by Don Prince