How does it begin?
Hello there, it’s me Don Prince, the founder, Editor-in-Chief of National Discovery Channel. Today again I am live with you to pour my understanding on a topic into my Blog. Today’s topic is quite new and interesting. You are going to read about ‘Dreamkinesis’. I know you are hearing this topic for the first time. It’s my new discovery and it is being exposed right now. I hope you will be happy today.

I said this is my new discovery. But this does not happen recently. I had made its concept many years ago. I did not publish it earlier because I listed it to be too confidential. Today I am making it public for the further discussion among intellectuals. And I am doing it because this is my last article of this year 2014 in National Discovery Channel. I am gifting this amazing beginning of new technology to you as a reward of being with me for this whole year.

What is Dreamkinesis?
Dreamkinesis is the science of exploring the events of past, present and future with the help of dream. Particularly, Dreamkinesis can give one right answer between two alternatives. For example, you can get the answer of the following types of questions with the help of Dreamkinesis:
1. Which parities between two will win in the election?
2. Does she love you or not?
3. Who between Ram and Shyam has stolen your money?
4. Will he marry or not with you?
5. Will your business succeed or not?
6. Is he your friend or enemy?
7. Was he honest or dishonest in the past?

How is the answer recorded?
Dreamkinesis is somewhat similar to hypnotism except the difference that the information is recorded in the dream. In the process of Dreamkinesis, the subject will be hypnotised first in which question is asked through hypnotic suggestion. Then he will sleep. After he wakes up, his dream will be analysed and the answer is decided. Unlike self hypnosis, it can be applied on one’s own dream.

How does it work?
It is universally accepted fact that the sub conscious mind records one’s past, present and future. Also, it is known truth that some dreams are about the real events of past or future. Dreamkinesis is the art of exploring the sub conscious mind through dream analysis to search the answer of some unknown questions.

What’s next?
If Dreamkinesis is successfully explored by the scientists, the next step is writing it into computer language. If it happens, we will have an amazing computer, software or app which can see our past, present and future. Further, it will reveal the secret of everything in the universe.
Happy New Year 2015 in advanced!
Discovered by Don Prince