Why did Sati Curse Nepal?

I have already said in my previous article that Sati who cursed Nepal and Sati who burned herself for God Shiva are two different personalities. In this article I will tell you why Sati cursed Nepal.

Bhimsen Thapa, the husband of Sati was accused of attempting to murder Queen Samrajya Laxmi by giving poison. The poison was mistakenly replaced and Prince Devendra died instead. Bhimsen Thapa was arrested. His post was snatched. But he was proven innocent.

Later Ran Jung Padey Group reopened the case and imprisoned Bhimsen Thapa. He was punished of life imprisonment on the basis of fake documents. But the Pandey group was still hungry for Bhimsen Thapa.


1. Bhimsen Thapa was given severe torture in prison.
2. Rumour spread that the wife of Bhimsen Thapa Sati would be made walk naked in the Kathmandu valley.
3. After listening the rumour about wife, Bhimsen Thapa hit Khukuri on his own neck as deadly attack.
4. He was injured and suffered for 9 days and died.
5. The corpse of Bhimsen Thpa was rounded in the valley marking humiliation.
6. The corpse was made into several pieces and let the jackal, dogs and vulture eat.
7. The administration did not permit for death rites.
8. The family members were imprisoned.
9. Their property was snatched.
10. The family members were banned to hold job up to 7 generations.
11. Thread {Janai} was taken from the Thapa Group.
12. The women members of Bhimsen Thapa were made to wake with bared foot from Kathmandu to Barlang and Barlang to Kathmandu as humiliating punishment.

After this pitiable event, Sati, the wife of Bhimsen Thapa was so frustrated from the administration of Nepal that she cursed Nepal to suffer with political, economic and social problems forever. She cursed Nepal never to be developed. Nepal still has many social, economic and political problems. This country is walking behind. Is it effect of the curse of Sati or just a coincidence?
{with the help of Ibid and P. London}
Discovered by Don Prince

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  1. Can you please tell who cursed Nepal that the 11th king of Nepal will be the last king?

  2. According to the legend, Prithvi Narayan Shah, the founder of the kingdom of Nepal who began the conquest of petty kingdoms and brought them under one rule, once came across the holy man in the forest named Gorakhnath. The king offered some curd to the meditating yogi who regurgitated it and asked the king to drink it.

    A repulsed Prithvi Narayan rejected the offering, allowing it to fall on the ground. As the white stream of curd dribbled on the king's 10 toes, the enraged holy man cursed the royal that his dynasty would be obliterated because of his pride after 10 generations.

  3. Its wrong. You are misleading people of Nepal. I read History of Nepal in my college. Bhimsen Thapas dead body was thrown in Bishnumati, and eagles / voltures / fox eaten his dead body. So no any Bhimsen wife was buried ( not gone sati), his wife were given to Chyame and Pode. The real "Sati " who cursed Nepal was the wife of Kaji Bhim Malla, who was killed by the King Laxmi Narshing Malla , and his wife was burned with Kaji Bhim Malla's dead body, and she cursed Nepal. This is true . Please read History and tell the truth