Do you believe on witchcraft? If we do a worldwide poll, the number believing on witchcraft will be tremendous.

I asked an old man, ‘Do you believe on witch?’ He blindly replied, ‘Why not? Sure.’ Similarly I asked same question to a highly educated man. He replied without thinking a second, ‘No, never.’ I fall between those two men.

I don’t say I am confused. But I trust that I should find reasonable cause to believe or not to believe on anything. That is a witch, ghost or any other thing.

I have written a numerous articles on the topic of witchcraft in the past. You can simply go through the witchcraft channel form the right sidebar of this blog.

Now let’s enter today’s topic. Today I am going to present a real event of my life that will compel you to think a witch may be real too.

I am taking you 14 years back. Are you ready? I was under 16 at that time. One day my friend called me in his house which was in a remote village. As I liked visiting new places, I happily accepted his invitation. I was staying for a night there.

My friend, his 6 years old brother and I slept on a big flat bed at night. My friend was at the edge. The 6 years old child was in the middle and I was at the window side. We talked up to 11 PM and slept. I was just going to fall asleep. It means I was in the state of alteration. Someone from outside the window gave me a command by whispering slowly, ‘Hey, go to another side.’ I was confirming whether it was real or only my delusion. He again repeated. Anyway I did not need any disturbance. So, I exchanged the place with the child and slept in the middle.

I was thinking it as just my hallucination. But next hour something strange happened. I was in a deep sleep. My subconscious mind gave a signal that somebody is about to attack from the window. Before I responded, something strange like a black shadow entered in the body of the child. I had waked up exactly on time. The child began to scream. My friend also got up. He was looking us with his scaring eyes. He asked, ‘What happened?’ The child was breathing abnormally and he was still crying in dream. I kept my hand on his forehead. He stopped uttering. His breathing came in normal state step by step. Then we slept again.

In the morning we did not say anything to the child. But he was off. His mother noticed it. She pointed his eyes and said, ‘You have been caught by an evil spirit. Let me see.’ She showed a blue mark on the neck of the child and said, ‘Look, a witch has sucked here last night.  I will take you to a witch doctor.’

This amazing event is really true and I am referencing the event here so that it helps other paranormal researchers for the research. This incidence clearly states that there is existence of witch or evil spirit in the society. However this evidence is not enough to prove the existence of the underworld. I still suspect coincidence may have played a vital role in this story.

National Discovery doesn't promote superstition and blind faith. This article is only for educational purpose. The myth of witchcraft has been spread from Asia to Africa and America to Europe. Moreover, I have already said in my previous article on witchcraft that Witchcraft is a commercial and traditional profession in Kenya. So, I believe that underestimating a belief without researching scientifically is also a superstition. So through this article I appeal all paranormal researchers to stick their eyes on this topic.
Discovered by Don Prince