What is indrajal?
Indrajal, the mysterious word, is the combination of two different words, i.e. ‘Indra’ and ‘Jal’. Indra is one of the demigods of Hindus. He is also known as the king of paradise. Jal is a typical Hindi word that means net or trap. So the meaning of Indrajal is the net of Indra or the trap of Indra.

What else does Indrajal mean?
Indrajal is a sea plant that is believed to have supernatural power. There is a belief that if it is hung on the wall it will ward off devils at home.
Indrajal is also a famous comic.

What is Indrajal Book?
The book consisting of Indrajal mantras is Indrajal Book. It consists of all materials which come under Indrajal. It is easily found in the markets of Asian countries like India and Nepal.

Why do people read Indrajal?
When people frustrate with their problems and don’t see any option, they take asylum of Indrajal. Some go to the tantric whereas some start their own study. People have different goals. Some people do it to attract others where as some want to harm someone. Similarly, some people want to safeguard themselves from Indrajal mantras or black magic thrown by others.

Is all things written in Indrajal possible?
Nothing written in Indrajal is possible. If Indrajal had been real, it would have been one of the subjects to study in Harvard University. This is nothing else but a scam to monetize people’s problems and foolishness.

How does Indrajal affect People?
If you are practicing Indrajal to harm others, you are giving a threat to your own mind. It psychologically cracks your brain. It can cause a neurological imbalance within your brain. You will find yourself isolated from the real world and people will find you being out of your senses.

So, what is the secret of Indrajal?
I know you have understood what the secret of Indrajal is. Indrajal really sucks.

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Discovered by Don Prince