The biggest confusion in people about the end of the world is they think that end of the world is the psychical destruction of the earth. I am sorry man; it is not how you think about. Yes, it is true that we will face loss of lives and psychical property during so called judgement day. But the main theme of the end of the world is spiritual not psychical.

First of all, let me remind you one thing. When millions of the people of the world were scaring of 2012 rumour, we had done a formal research on end of the world 2012. After getting some hints from the reliable and authorized source, we had guaranteed through our article that nothing will happen in 2012. Our claim was right or wrong, it is against you. We also gave our official opinion in another article that chances are high that the world will face an end within 2085 A.D. so far we have written so many articles on this concern.

Ok, now you are convinced that you are going to accept calmly whatever I am going to write. Let me ask a question myself from your side. Is the world going to end in 2015? You have to read full article to get the answer. However, I think it is better to clear your doubt and fear. If the world ends in 2015, it is a spiritually an end, not psychically. So you should have a little bit worry about that. Don’t be hopeless.

I know you are confused what do I mean spiritual end? To clarify this term practically I want you to remember First World War. Exactly, it was a spiritual end of the world. Then, the Second World War, it was another. Similarly, if you go back, you remember Mahabharata. It was also end of the world. Before Mahabharata, Ramayana War between Ram and Ravan took place. It was also end of the world. Was there mere destruction of the earth? Obviously not. It was the end in spiritual point of view, not psychical. I claim that there is never psychical end of the world. I know it is against big band theory. But believe me, I am right.

I am not God and I don’t believe on astrology. So I can’t forecast what will happen in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2085 what you name it. But some people believe that I have got six senses whereas a normal person has only five senses. And my sixth sense lets me know everything what a normal person even do not dream. Let’s not go personal and not praise myself. I was saying what other people said and I mentioned here because I found it being relevant in this correspondence. After all I can suggest you to read all the articles of this website. You will find so many unknown and untold facts which you have heard before.

Let me reveal another big secret about end of the world, thought it is super confidential. The end of the world either in 2015 or 2018, 2040 or 2080, comes in the form of the Third World War. So we can estimate the date of the dooms day by analysing the present political situation of the world. Let’s see in the another Mahabharata war who are Krishna and Arjun, Who supports Pandavs and who encourages Kaurav. Unjust dies or Just suffers.
Discovered by Don Prince