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About Jhuma Pratha

I described about Deuki Pratha in my previous article. In this article I am presenting Jhuma Pratha which is one of the popular but disappearing traditions of Nepal. I hope it will give a good education to all. Unlike the article about Deuki Pratha, this article has been written for the purpose of social changes.

Jhuma Pratha is one of the typical traditions of Buddhists which is prevalent specially in the Himalayan Region of Nepal. This system is particularly seen in the eastern part of Nepal. It is is the system in which second girl child is offered to the monastery. She spends whole life in the monastery without marriage. The child born from the girl becomes Lama of the Monastery.

This is similar to Deuki Pratha of Hinduism. However it is a bit different than Deuki Pratha. For instances, only second child is offered in Jhuma Pratha. Similarly, a Jhuma can also get education if she likes. Deuki Pratha is practised in Hilly regions whereas Jhuma Pratha is practised in the Himalayan region. Though there is no clear history when and how this system began, it seems to be influenced by Deuki Pratha of Hindus. Both Deuki and Jhuma Pratha are similar to Devadashi System of India. In Nepal, Hindus and Buddhists are exchanging culture from ages. There is notable tolerance among them.

There is also a film named Jhuma in Nepali Film Industry which clearly deals with Jhuma. Unlike Deuki Pratha, Jhuma Pratha is listed as one of the Social Problems of Nepal by the government of Nepal. Many NGOs are working for the reformation.
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  1. sorry sir , the article you wrote about the traditions of sherpa and so called jhuma is the one i never heard before ,, as im being from sherpa community i totally disagree with you and your offensive article , we"ve been living our lives for over decades in himalayan regions yet never seen such things like you expressed through your article ,, i tell you what ,, if you're not sure what you're doing then it's better do nothing ,,
    dhawa means monday in tibetan and sherpa language ,,
    the female or male child born on monday there names start with dhawa in our tradition

    eg; sun=nima mon=dawa tue=mingma= wed= lhakpa , thurs =furba , fri=pasang , sat=pemba ,,,

    1. Thank you sir. I'll edit this article very soon. I do not mean to hurt anybody. Thanks again for the information.

  2. Oo it really match me.saturday=Pemba but my name is pemsang

  3. Oo it really match me.saturday=Pemba but my name is pemsang

  4. Please remove this article from your media about Jhuma Pratha of sherpa community.. its desagre by sherpa community. but Tawa Pratha is true..

    1. Thank you. And sorry for late editing. This January {January 2018}we are editing our all articles. This article will be reviewed first. We don't mean to offend any community. Sorry again.