Last week, I checked Google Analytic’s data of National Discovery Channel. I was shocked because I found about 1000 questions there which were yet to be answered. I decided to answer all those questions because they were queries from my audience in Google and the answers were nowhere in the internet. That’s why those questions gathered there because my site could give indirect answers. But I think why not to answer those questions directly? So this week is Google Analytic week of National Discovery. This week I will answer all questions under my responsibility which are asked through Google. In this way, my audience will get the direct answer of their questions. Let’s begin the journey.

As the title suggests itself, I will answer the questions related to Radha and Krishna in this article. Remember that my answers are based on my own conscience. Yes, it is true that I have read almost all prominent books and articles on Radha and Krishna and people definitely take my opinion seriously. I may not be right all the time. If you have any cross questions and answers, you can start a conversation through comment section. Now without wasting your time I want to start the questions answers series.

1. Who is lord krishna’s favourite person?
One who is on the path of truth is the most favourite to Krishna. Krishna has no permanent friend or enemy. You are favourite of Krishna until you are on the right path.

2. Who is Radha?
Radha is the spouse of Krishna. She is power of lord Krishna.

3. Who is Krishna?
Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. He is a philosopher. He is the preacher of Gita.

4. Why did Krishna not marry with Radha?
No, Krishna married with Radha. There is a big confusion about Radha and Krishna that they did not meet again. But the tragedy was only for few months.

5. What happened to Radha after Krishna left her?
Radha and Krishna met again, married and lived together. They lived together for many years.

6. Was Radha married?
No, Radha was not married when she met Krishna. She married lord Krishna later.

7. Was Radha older than Krishna?
Yes, Radha was about 10 years older than Krishna. Radha was a young girl and Krishna was a small child when their love began.

8. Why did Krishna marry Rukmini?
Krishna married Rukmini because Rukmini was Radha. This is the reason we don’t find the earlier stories of Rukmini.

9. How did Radha die?
Radha died when Dwarika sank. Krishna also died at that time.

10. Who is Radha to Krishna?
Radha is energy to Krishna. Radha is God to Krishna.

11. Whom did Krishna love the most?
Krishna’s heart is full of love. He loved everyone. However, Krishna loved Radha the most.

12. Who is Rukmini?
Rukmini is just another name of Radha. She is only one spouse of Krishna.

13. What happened to Radha after Krishna died?
Radha also died at the same time. When Krishna died, Dwarika sank in the ocean. Everyone including Radha died there.

14. How did Bhagawan Krishna die?
He died by the arrow of a hunter. The hunter mistakenly shot arrow at Krishna.

15. What happened after Mahabharata war?
Peace and justice established after Mahabharata war. Yudhisthir became the king of Hastinapur and the rule of justice began.

16. Was Krishna real?
Yes, he was really existed. India is his birth place.

17. When was Radha born?
Radha was born in 3000 BC. She was born in Dwapar Yuga.

18. How to meet lord Krishna?
If you follow the path of lord Krishna, you will find yourself to be Krishna. You should learn lesson of humanity for that.

19. Did Mahabharata really happen?
Yes, this is the real history of India. There are many proofs in India.

20. Did Krishna meet Radha after leaving Gokul?
Yes, Krishna met Radha again. He married with Radha.

21. Does Mahabharata have Radha character?
Mahabharata does not mention the name Radha but it tells about a Gopini who is not other than Radha herself. So we can say that Radha is also one of the characters in Mahabharata.

22. In Mahabharata did anyone marry younger boy?
Yes, during Mahabharata also child marriage was prevalent. Abhimanyu is one of the examples.

23. Is lord Krishna avatar of Vishwakarma?
No, lord Krishna is not the avatar of Vishwakarma. He is the avatar of lord Vishnu.

24. What is the difference between Radha and Rukmini?
They are different only by names. They are same.

25. Did Radha and Krishna meet after Mahabharata?
Yes, they met. Krishna went Drwarika after the end of war. Radhika was there.

26. Was Krishna shorter than Radha?
No, Krishna was not shorter than Radha. But Radlha was a tall girl.

27. What happens after krishna’s death?
Kali yuga began after Krishna’s death. Dwapar Yuga was ended.

28. What happens to Krishna after war?
Krishna lived simple life after the war. He goes to his beautiful city Dwarika.

29. Did Krishna and Radha have children?
Yes, they had. They had some children. Pradhumna is one of them.

30. Did Krishna really love Radha?
Yes, Krishna really loved Radha. So he married her.

31. Did Radha get marry to any other person?
No, Radha was married with only Krishna. Every story about her marriage with someone other is rumour.

32. In Mahabharata, how does Krishna marry Rukmini?
Krishna married Rukmini by abducting her from her marriage ceremony because the brother of Rukmini was against Krishna.

33. Was Krishna married earlier than Radha?
No, Krishna was not married earlier before he married Radha. Radha was krishna’s first and last love.

34. Was Krishna characterless?
No, Krishna was not characterless. People misunderstood his pranks.

35. Was Krishna a real person?
Yes, he was a real person. He was born in Mathura of India which is in Gujrat state now.

36. What about Vrindavan?
Vrindavan is a sacred place where lord Krishna played his pranks. It lies in India.

37. What are the evidences found in Vrindavan for Shree Krishna?
There are many evidences. Kurukshetra still consists of historical sources.

38. What happened to Radha at the end?
Radha died in Dwarika. She again met with Krishna in the space.

39. What is the full name of husband of Radha?
Only Lord Krishna is the husband of Radha. She was said to be married with Ayan Ghosh which is not true.

40. Why is Krishna said to be Radha’s true love’?
It is because Radha truly loved Krishna. Radha loved Krishna the most and the love from Krishna was pure.

41. When did Krishna leave Vrindavan?
Krishna left Vrindavan when he was a teenager. He had gone to Mathura.

42. When Krishna left Vrindavan what was the age difference between Radha and Krishna?
Radha was more than 20 and Krishna was less than 14. Krishna was still a child.

43. Where did Radha go?
Radha had gone to his father. She also left Vrindavan.

44. Why did Krishna hate Radha?
Krishna did not hate anyone. He did not hate Radha.

45. Why were Radha and Krishna separated from each other?
They were separated for a while due to misunderstanding and a curse. Krishna had to go to Mathura to complete his mission.

46. Why do we call Krishna Radha and not Krishna Rukmini?
It is because Rukmini was first recognized as Radha. It was Radha who loved Krishna.

47. Are Krishna and Radha going to meet again?
Yes, Krishna and Radha meet every era. It happens with common people also.

48. Did ever Rukmini meet Radha?
They are not different personality. So there is no need to meet each other.

49. Did Krishna return to Vrindavan?
No, Krishna did not return to Vrindavan. He went many places during his life. At last, he rested in Dwarika.

50. Did Krishna and Rukmini have a son?
Yes, they had. They had many sons.

51. Did marriage exist in Mahabharata?
Yes, it existed. Gandarva marriage was popular at that time.

52. Does Krishna and Radha story really exist?
Yes, the story of Radha and Krishna is real. This story is the proof of true love.

53. How did Krishna meet his end?
Krishna met his end as he planned earlier. He was shot arrow by a hunter who is believed to be Bali in Ramayana era.

54. How long does lord Krishna live?
Lord Krishna lived more than 100 years. He stayed how long he planned.

55. How would have real Krishna looked?
He looked very attractive. He was charming.

56. Is Jesus the reincarnation of Krishna?
No, Jesus isn't the reincarnation of Krishna. But there are many similarities between Jesus and Krishna.

57. What was Krishna and Radha recognized for?
They are symbols of love. Their love story is a sacred and ideal story in Hindu society.

58. Why did Krishna leave Vrindavan?
Krishna left Vrindavan to kill Kansa. It was the main reason.

59. What happened to people in Vrindavan?
They stayed up to last moments. Nothing bad happened with them.

60. What is truth as per lord Krishna?
The truth is that lord Krishna is an ideal person. He is the most powerful.

61. When did Radha Krishna meet again?
They met again after Krishna killed Kansa. They had a little misunderstanding.

62. When Radha asked to Krishna what love is what did Krishna answer?
Krishna says love is God, God is love. Love should be worshipped.

63. Where did Krishna live?
Krishna lived in Gokul. He was born in Mathura. He spent his final life in Dwarika.

64. Who did Radha die for?
She died for Krishna. The meaning of her life was only Krishna.

65. Who is Rukmini and where did she meet Krishna?
She is the wife of Krishna. She met Krishna when Krishna and Yasodha visited her house.

66. Why did Krishna go away from Mathrua?
Krishna got away from Mathura as per his plan and mission. He had to complete many missions.

67. Does lord Krishna tell about end of the world?
Yes, he tells. Mahabharata war was also for end of the world. After Mahabharata new world began.

68. Was Radha a goddess?
Yes, she was Laxmi herself. She is the incarnation of Vishnu’s spouse Laxmi.

69. What does lord Krishna say about marriage?
Krishna says marriage is essential. Marriage is essential to continue world.

70. What is the connection of Krishna with Radha and Mira?
Mira is the reincarnation of Radha. Mira is the character of modern age.

71. Why is Radha confused?
Rahda is a mysterious character in Mahabharata. So she is confused.

72. Will Radha reincarnate?
Yes, she will. Everybody will incarnate again according to Hinduism.

73. Why did not Balaram open the eyes until Krishna was born?
This is not true. It was Radha believed not to open eyes till Krishna see.

74. Why did Krishna disappear?
He did not disappear. He chose his death to continue the rule of nature.

75. Were Krishna and Rukmini separated?
They separated at the final moments. They lived whole life together.

76. How to get wishes fulfilled by lord Krishna?
Be a true devotee and pray the God Krishna with true heart. You will get your wishes fulfilled.

77. Was Radha really existed?
Yes, she was existed. But she was lately discovered by mythological researchers.

78. Were Radha and Krishna one soul?
Yes, they are one soul. They are one soul and two bodies.

79. Is there anything left behind after lord Krishna left the earth?
No, nothing was left behind after lord Krishna left the earth. However research should be done.

80. When did Radha die?
She died 5000 years ago. She died just before the beginning of Kali Yuga..

81. At what age did Radha become part of Krishna?
She met Krishna at her house. Krishna had come with his mother Yasodha. She was a young girl.

82. Did goddess Radha curse anyone?
No, she didn't. She was cursed.

83. Did Radha meet the sister of Krishna Subhadra?
Yes, they met. They met several times.

84. Did Shree Krishna and Radha wedding happen?
Yes, it happened. That’s why they lived together.

85. How can girls love lord Krishna?
Girls can love Krishna as true devotee. Krishna treats both girls and boys equally.

86. How did Radha look like?
She looked simple and attractive. She was beautiful.

87. Is it good to write different names of Krishna?
Why not? You can write all names of Krishna.

88. Is Karan’s mother Radha same as Krishna’s lover Radha?
No, they are different. Krishna is not the father of Karan.

89. Did Krishna leave his real parents?
Yes, he went somewhere else. Research should be done on it.

90. Is Krishna our lover or brother?
He is our God. He is what we think.

91. Is Krishna boy friend of Radha?
Yes, he is in today’s word. They were beloved of each other.

92. Did Radha and Krishna live for 14 years?
They lived many years. They did not live only 14.

93. Is there any curse related to Vrindavan?
Yes, there is. The story of Radha and Krishna was cursed.

94. Is there any proof of Krishna in Vrindavan?
There are many proofs. All temples are proofs.

95. What did Shree Krishna say on suicide?
Suicide is not appropriate. He does not support suicide.

96. Who did Krishna truly love?
Krishna truly loved Radha. He loved his devotees.

97. Who knows in Mahabharata Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu?
All know it. But some like Sakuni and Duryodhan did not believe it.

98. Why did Radha commit suicide?
She did not commit suicide. This is not true.

99. On which age Krishna left Mathura?
He was more than a teen age boy. He left Mathura after releasing his parents.

100. What does Krishna say about marriage and love?
He says they are important. Marriage without love has no meaning.

101. What happens after the end of Mahabharata?
Peace established. Krishna’s mission completed.

102. Does Krishna become old?
Yes, but he does not look old. Being old is rule of nature.

103. Why did Krishna hate boys?
He did not hate boys. He didn't hate anybody.

104. Can someone love lord Krishna?
Anyone can love Krishna. When one worships Krishna, this is love for Krishna.

105. Did really Krishna and Radha dance in Vrindavan?
Yes, it happened. It is one of the pranks of Krishna.

106. Is Krishna in Vrindavana and Krishna in Mahabharata different?
They are same. They are not different.

107. What is mystery of Radha and Krishna?
They are mysterious. Their story was overshadowed.

108. Whether Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu or Bhagawan Vishnu is created by Krishna?
Krishna is incarnation of Vishnu. Vishnu is the chief God.

109. Why is lord Krishna entitled as characterless?
Selfish people defined like that. He is not characterless. God can’t be characterless.

110. Why does Radha name come first before Krishna?
It is because Radha loved Krishna. Radha’s love towards Krishna has no bound. Krishna is incomplete without Radha.

111. Will Radha and Krishna reincarnate?
May be. According to Hindu Belief everybody will reincarnate. Krishna says in Gita he will come to the earth again and again.

112. Is Mira reincarnation of Radha’s friend?
No. She is not. She is the reincarnation of Radha herself.

113. What is meaning of universe in Krishna’s mouth?
He is patriot. He loves his motherland.

114. When did lord Krishna leave?
Krishna left 5000 years ago. He was there in 3000 BC.

115. Did lord Krishna hypnotise Gopinis?
Yes, he did but differently. He did not hypnotise intentionally. They were hypnotised automatically whenever they saw Krishna.

116. How and at what age did lord Krishna die?
He was more than 100 years old when he died. He died with the effect of the curse of Gandhari.

117. How did lord Krishna get 16100 wives?
They were not his wives. They were Gopinis who had come from the paradise to complete Krishna’s story.

118. How did Radha and Krishna story become famous?
It was made famous by writers. The story itself is enough to be popular.

119. Is Radha a simple girl?
She looked simple. She lived simple life.

120. Where did Krishna meet Radha?
He met her in her house. After killing Kansa he met her as Rukmini.

121. Who is the wife of lord Krishna in space?
Radha is the wife of lord Krishna in space. They stay together.

122. Why were all the females after lord Krishna?
Krishna was attractive to them. Not only females, males also were after Krishna as devotees.

123. Did Radha complain to Krishna?
No, she never complained. Krishna was perfect.

124. Does Krishna commit suicide?
No, he did not commit suicide. He willingly died.

125. Does Radha suicide for Krishna?
No, it is not true. She loves Krishna.

126. How had lord Krishna so many powers?
He is powerful. He is incarnation of lord Vishnu. He was putting on two roles. They are a simple man and a god. As a god he was powerful himself and as a simple man he was helped by other gods.

127. How much did Krishna love Radha?
Krishna truly loved Radha. The love had no bound.

128. How tall was Radha?
Radha was simply tall. But she was shorter than Krishna.

129. In which century was there Krishna in Vrindavan?
He was there in 3000 BC. It is just 5000 years ago.

130. Is it true that Durga married Arjun in the form of Subhadra?
No, it is not true. But Subhadra was the sister of Krishna.

131. Is lord Krishna and Ram the same?
They are slightly different. They are same. Both are the incarnations of lord Vishnu.

132. Does Krishna fulfil our wish, how?
Yes, he fulfils our wish. He fulfils our wish by his power.

133. How is Vrindavan different?
It is different due to its religious aspects. This is mysterious even today.

134. Is it true that Krishna still exists in Vrindavan?
No, it is not true. However God is present everywhere and any time.

135. How many Gopinis did Krishna have?
There were altogether 16000 Gopinis. They were incarnations from the paradise.

136. How is the love of Radha and Krishna justified?
They are the symbol of true love. They message love and peace as well as humanity.

137. Is Krishna a liar?
No, he is not. He was funny and makes some lies for fun but not as a serious liar.

138. When does love happen between Krishna and Radha?
It began when they met from the beginning. It was made from the heaven.

139. Was Krishna and Radha love stories cursed?
Yes, it was. So they suffered some times.

140. Why is Krishna so popular?
Krishna is popular due to his pranks. His childhood stories are more popular.

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