Radha is not a less amazing character in the Hindu Mythology. She is the most prominent one who has made mysterious Krishna more mysterious. The story of Radha Krishna is too old to narrate it rightly with its evidence and proper justification. There are thousands of different stories about them. Hundreds of the conceptions are serious misconceptions. This article deals with some of the most serious misconceptions about Radha and Krishna.

1. Radha is not the spouse of Lord Krishna
Perhaps this is the biggest misconception. There are many novels and stories around the world that tell why Radha and Krishna did not marry. Some of them have got the biggest literature based prize in their corresponding country. But the real truth has been set aside the bank of river. The reality is that Radha and Krishna married with each other and stayed together till they live on the earth.

2. Radha was a married woman
Another misconception is that Radha was a married woman. And it is true. Radha was obviously a married woman because she had got married with lord Krishna.

3. Radha is not one of the characters of Mahabharata
Some people believe that Radha is not a part of Mahabharata stories. But the reality is that Radha is the real energy working behind Lord Krishna to fight the Mahabharata war. Yes, it is true that Mahabharata does not mention any girl with the name ‘Radha’’. But it definitely says about a special ‘Gopini’ who is dearest and closest to Krishna. And she is not other than Radha.

4. Radha is the imaginary character in Krishna’s story
This is true that Radha was lately discovered in 14th century. That does not genuinely proves that she is the miracle of someone's imagination.

5. Krishna married many other than Radha
Krishna married many princesses. This concept is very ridiculous. The one who preached Gita and taught other to live ideal lifestyle can never have more than one spouse.

6. Radha and Krishna were equal in age
If you see the idols and pictures of Radha and Krishna, you will find both being depicted as similar in age. But the reality is that Radha was 10 years older than Krishna.

7. Radha and Rukmin are different
It is universally accepted truth that Krishna married Rukmini by abducting her during her marriage ceremony. But a few know Radha and Rukmini are not different.

Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world. Finding out the real history of Hinduism is as difficult as finding out the history of the origin of the earth and universe. However there are many people around the world who try to interpret the mythological stories of Hinduism in a smart way. Take this article as one of the organs of them. Have a Good day!
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