What is Hypnosis?
I want to start the journey from a funny, interesting, amazing and exciting event of my childhood pages. Though I hated my school’s course book, I was highly curious about what is happening around me. Wherever I went, I used to attach three big questions with me, i.e., What, Why and How. More funnily, being unknown with the world’s discoveries and inventions I often tried to create the things which were already invented by someone. Sometimes I used to be happy and satisfied even by lighting the torch light by using wire and battery. How funny I was! I am still laughing, aren't you?
Rita Timalsina

One day I was in the market. I saw a crowd. I often ignore crowd on the way. But magic show was my weakness. I thought the crowd may be for magic show. I checked it. I was right. Now I forgot everything which I should have done at home and stood there with others. If you are non Nepalese let me tell you a funny thing. Here in our country Nepal, magician exhibits magic on the street hoping that he will get some money at the end of the magic show. But the people vacate the place after the final magic item. It was going to be again here. So I confirmed first whether there is any item left or not. Yes, I was lucky again. The magic was going on. As the magic item was not understandable since I joined it in the middle. I waited for another. After sometimes new magic began.

The magician called an audience. The audience was 9 years old child like me. He was showing his teeth. But soon he became red and nervous because the magician made one of his hand paralyse for a moment. He was not able to move his hand. Then another hand was stopped. Then his legs, head and at last whole body was paralyzed. Now he was standing like statue. When he began to cry, the magician released his body one by one. At last he was made totally free. Now same began to happen.

On the way I remembered this magic and asked a question of ‘’How?’’ to myself. I still remember, I made my mind to research on it in future. At that time I wanted to know it by this magician but I knew it was in vain. The magician would never have told me this secret. So I determined I will definitely find out the secret behind this magic. Now, I am enough grown up to research on it. However I have not stepped over even a step. Because I know what is the secret of this magic. It is nothing other than ‘’Hypnosis’’.

I know what you are thinking. What an interesting topic Hypnosis is! Right? I assume that you know nothing about Hypnosis. So let me tell you what hypnosis is first. Hypnosis is the process of reaching subconscious mind by making the conscious mind passive. This neither is the situation of sleep nor awake. In this state, the subconscious mind is totally opened that any suggestion can easily enter inside the mind and the subconscious mind follows accordingly.

What is Self Hypnosis?
You can hypnotize either others or yourself. If you hypnotize yourself, it is Self Hypnosis. Question may arise why to hypnotise oneself? The answer is for the same purpose why you hypnotise others but if you are going to practice hypnotism with bad intention, then it is different and I don’t recommend hypnotism for negative purpose.

Conscious and unconscious hypnosis
I am not a hypnotherapist but I am a self trained and practically experienced hypnotist. I have used the art of hypnosis several times in real life. In my personal experience, hypnosis is of two types on the basis of its nature. They are conscious and unconscious hypnosis. If you hypnotise someone consciously with his/her permission, it is conscious hypnosis. If you hypnotise someone unconsciously without his/her permission, then it is unconscious hypnosis. In another word, in conscious hypnosis, the subject knows he/she is going to be hypnotised. But in unconscious hypnosis, he/she does not know of being hypnotised. Let me clarify it with example. Let’s say you have the habit of smoking. You want to get rid of this habit. You went to the hypnotherapist. He told you that he was going to hypnotise you to send positive message into his subconscious mind so that you could give up smoking habit. You became ready. Now he hypnotised your mind and sent the suggestion into your mind that smoking is bad for health, you should not use it. Accordingly you left the smoking. This type of hypnosis is conscious hypnosis. Now let me tell you what unconscious hypnosis is. For that I want to present a real incidence. One day one of my friends said that his wife always gives him threat that she will commit suicide. Now my friend was being emotionally blackmailed. He asked me for psychological help. I decided to use unconscious hypnosis for his wife. I told my friend, ‘’Next time if she again talks of suicide then say like this, ‘Ok, you can do it. But I don’t blame myself for your suicide attempts because I know a normal man cannot suicide. Only abnormal person commits suicide. And they don’t need any special reason to suicide. In the other hand your two sisters also suicided. That is proof that you are hereditarily suffering from suicide disorder.’’ Don’t be angry with me. I know my words with this suggestion were too rude and insulting. But I was doing it for her wife’s good health and life. After all you know poison kills poison.

Automatic hypnosis
Sometimes we are automatically hypnotised. In my personal opinion, it is automatic hypnosis and it falls under unconscious hypnosis. Below are the some incidences of automatic hypnosis:
1. Raju got deceived by Radha so unexpectedly that Raju couldn’t speak a word. When he arrived home he began to think with complete consciousness. He was surprised how he had arrived at home. He remembered he was walking long to his home and it was raining cats and dogs. Actually Raju had temporarily reached in the state of neither sleep nor awake due to a sudden injury on his mind. This is actually the state of hypnosis.
2. Tom and Rock were working in a same office. Tom was new to the office. Rock unintentionally told Tom that previous employee in the post of Tom was getting 1500 $ salary. Actually Tom was getting only 1000 $. Now Tom became frustrated unconsciously and it affected his performance in the office. In this case, when Tom knew vast difference in his salary, he had been passive. The information by Rock has automatically hypnotised Tom.
3. A famous reality based TV series of an Indian Channel was the favourite show of Sanjeev Malhotra and her wife Salini. Whenever they have time they watch this serial. They like to see the husband wife episode which is about cheating husband or wife. Now a days Salini and Sanjeev shout and fight in small matters. Because they lacked belief on each other. This is the example of being hypnotised automatically by TV serial.

Purposes of Hypnosis
Purposes of hypnosis can be both positive and negative. If you are performing hypnosis with negative intention you are doing it on your own risk. The positive purposes of the hypnosis are as follows:
1. Mental doctors can use it for the mental treatment of the patients.
2. It can be very effective in rehabilitation centres to help people quit the habit of smoking, drug abuse, drinking alcohol, etc.
3. Police can use it for investigation.
4. An individual can use it to gain positivity, self confidence, etc
5. It can be helpful to get rid of sudden pain like headache, injury, etc.

Risk of hypnosis
Is hypnosis risky? The answer is a small ‘’yes’’. However if you do it cautiously, it is safe. It can give following harms if performed carelessly:
1. It can cause mental imbalance in both practiser and the subject.
2. It can overshadow the actual disease when the symptoms are fixed.
3. It can cause great physical loss and legal harms if it is done illegally.

Things to remember while hypnotising
There are some basic things to follow before, during and after practising hypnosis.
Before hypnosis
1. Make sure that you will not be disturbed.
2. Make sure that no thought is boiling on your mind.
3. The subject {who is going to be hypnotised} must not have been influenced previously by a certain type of mental disorder.
4. Make sure the subject will not sleep though it has no side effect but the process will be unsuccessful.

During hypnosis
1. Don’t make the process too long.
2.  Make sure that the description is not misleading, confusing and vague.

After hypnosis
1. Take a rest for sometimes.
2. Consider how you are feeling and be normal.

How to perform self hypnosis?
Internet is full of tutorials how to perform hypnosis. But the reality is that one method can’t work for all purpose. And there is no certain process for certain goals. Before you perform self hypnosis, you should consider why you are performing. Then you should follow the method accordingly. Here, I assume that you want to perform self hypnosis for self confidence. Let’s begin.

Be isolated and confirm the place where you can perform hypnosis independently.

Fix your body somewhere comfortably. Forget everything except you and your hypnotising suggestions as well as your goal.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself being self confident in diversified situations.

Think that you achieved your goal and be ready to come out of hypnotic state. For that count your breathing as 1, 2, 3 and when you reach 10, open your eyes.

Stay calm to take a rest. After a while be happy that you have successfully achieved your goal and now you are a confident man.

Surprised? Yes, I have made it simple. It is not like other articles you read in the internet where you get long description to imagine while hypnotising. I know you are confused or overwhelmed with the information you got there. But I say everything depends on your own creativity and ease. You can do it how it works well with you. Obviously you can use another method for the same purpose mentioned above. Because the target is same. Anyhow you have to send positive suggestions into your subconscious mind. Let me illustrate. Suppose you want to reach USA from India and for that only airways is not the way. Right? You can use waterways and railways too. Same happens here. So don’t be worried and confused.

To make it clearer, I want to present another method of self hypnotising. To make it interesting, practical and trustworthy, I am going to present my personal experience. Once I was in the mountain region of Nepal. I had gone there for 1 year. So I was alone in my room. I had toothache problem in the past. Now it was so cold there. One night I suffered from the toothache. I searched medicines in my room but I didn’t get. It was not a big town, so there was less chance to get medicine in the market as almost all shops used to be closed in the evening. I used to have food in hotel. So I am not in condition to boil water. Neither could I get salt to keep inside my teeth. In nutshell, I had no option left except I do something using my experience of hypnosis to be cured.

I was already lying on the bed. Now I began my self hypnosis challenge to cure my toothache. I had two options. Either I should sleep by hypnotising myself or cure my toothache through it.  I chose second option because if I sleep, I may feel the ache even in the dream. However I decided to go in deep trance. Because by that I may sleep, and I should not try another method of self hypnosis in case I failed to cure myself.

I closed my eyes and try to make my mind thoughtless. After a while I began to visualise my imagination. First I visualised how I am lying on the bed. Then I visualised my spirit stood from my body and rushed towards the sky. I am going up and up. I saw stars in the sky. I was enjoying my journey. I reached in a yellow colour garden. I was alone there. An old man came and asked me, ‘’why are you sad?’’ I said, ‘’Because I have pain in my teeth.’’ I asked him how I can get my toothache cured. He told me that I have to take right turn. After flying a minute I will get a light like sun. I have to request the light to cure my toothache. In this way my 25 percent pain will go down. Then the light will tell me what to do. So I took the right turn and reached the light. The light took my 25 percent pain and it gave me another direction. I followed I saw a big flower. Water was dropping. The drop was normally hot and it was salty. I opened my mouth to take the drop inside my teeth. When a drop went inside my teeth, I got magically relief. I took some drops. Each drop was taking my pain away. Then I went to another direction according to the flowers suggestion. I met a sun giving cool light. When I opened my mouth the sun rays went inside my mouth and my pain began to get relief. Then the sun told me that now I have to go very far to meet the god of disease to kill my remaining 25% pain. I followed. After flying 1 minute I met the god of disease. The god smiled and passed light from his hand which touched my teeth. Now I got all pain gone. I thanked god and became ready to come back. I flied back then I saw my body lying on the bed. Then I entered my body and I closed my eyes. Now I did not have any pain. So I slept. Tomorrow in the morning my teeth began to ache again. I went to medical hall and took a medicine and got relief.

The most important thing is your belief. If you do not believe what you are doing then it will not work at all. Because all I imagined above was to persuade my subconscious mind to kill my pain. And the subconscious believes and works accordingly if you believe consciously.

This is my secret and one of the most confidential discoveries and I believe it is well worth of charging some dollars to you. But I have gifted it for free of cost on the auspicious occasion of Haritalika Teej, the festival of Hindu woman. I hope I have helped you to learn self hypnosis to solve some problems of your life and it will definitely change your life.  Happy Teej!
Discovered by Don Prince