Real Ghost Stories
1. Rakesh Kshetry had been first time in Indian subcontinent. He was doing internship of his academic study there. He was excited being in a new place. He was roaming late night every day. One day he was coming back to his residence, someone called him from his back, ‘’Excuse me.’’ He turned around. A long man in dirty dress was standing like a tree. He had thick mustard and brown hair. He smiled to show his yellow teeth. Before Rakesh says anything, he asked, ‘’Will you please manage me a cup of tea?’’ As Rakesh was talking with a stranger, he simply denied by saying he was being late for his home. Say it coincidence or something you think about, in the next day, Rakesh watched in the news channel about the man asking tea with him. According to the news report, the man was asking tea with every person on the way and he was a ghost.

2. Rahul and Saroj were around 12 years old. They were cousins. They had habit of stealing money in their own house. One day they spent so much money that they did not dare to go back to the home. They wandered on the street of Kathmandu city. It was dark winter night. They ate some eggs and searched place to sleep for the night. They went through an open gate and slept on the floor of the old house. Whole night they were disturbed with the sound coming from the house. In the morning, they woke up and got shocked when they found a big lock at the door of the house. They rushed out of the gate and inquired some people about the house. The people nearby the house reported that no one lives in this house because the house is haunted.

3. Mr. and Mrs Tripathi lived in a wooden house of a village. Later they went to city. The house was empty except some furniture like cupboard, cots and chairs. After 6 months, strange incidence began in the house. People listened loud sound inside every night. Some people tried to watch what it was but they did not find anything, anybody. Now whole village began to talk on it. Later the house was declared to be haunted.

4. When Kaji Bahadur finished his property, his family shifted to an old house. Nobody was living in this house for long years. From the beginning day of settlement, the Kaji family reported to the villagers that the house is hugely haunted. People in the village also simply believed on it. The villagers told that the house is on the way of ghost. According to Kaji, the house is full of noise in the midnight. Sometimes they were called by their name. They also said that their cot was sometimes moved by the ghost.


5. Mr. Balram was only 18 years old when this event happened. It was time of Dashain festival. A local concert was going on. It lasted 12 o’clock midnight. Mr. Balram was coming back to his home. On the way he was called by someone. When he looked back a woman on sari was standing behind. Then Mr. Balram ran a way straight to his home.  He did not know how and through which way he reached his home.

6. Abeba is a 26 years old married woman from Africa continent. According to her, she had seen ghost live. It happened when she was coming back from the jungle. On the way, she found the ghost standing in front of her. The ghost had no head and it had two eyes in its chest. Abeba became so scared that she directly ran a way towards home by chanting mantras of Goddess she knew.

7. It happened in the day of the death of Mr. Motilal. After funeral rites, rest of the things began at the home. In the night, everybody was in a deep sleep. Mrs. Shila, the wife of Mr. Motilal suddenly called everyone in the house and reported that she was tricked by ghost. It was not other than her husband. According to her, her husband had come and stood in front of her. Then some members stayed there whole night.

8. Sushma’s 6 years old child Vibek became sick one day. Vibek said that he had seen a small child at night that was playing in front of him. Vibek was taken to the witchdoctor. The witchdoctor said that it was a ghost who was playing in front of him. Then the witchdoctor cured the child with his mantra.

9. A house was famous as haunted in a place of China. Amazingly some people were murdered by the ghost. It was a small village with a few houses. Later the people became so irritated and frustrated that they vacated the village and began to stay in the nearby village for some months.

10. This is an event of Bhutan. A famous man died in the village. Many people joined his funeral procession. While his body was burning. The last piece of the body came out of the pyre rolling down and killed all people who were present there.

Scientific Analysis
1. In the first case, there is a man who asks tea in the midnight. He has been described as a ghost in the locality. As a part of research, we met the man in India and detected that the so called ghost is a living man. He is a mentally challenged person. He calls himself ghost. He sometimes tells himself God also. He had run away from his home. He does not say from where he had come there. He says that he is happy with his life there. He is not a ghost. The story of ghost is nothing more than a widespread rumour.

2. We went deeply in the case number 2 and found that the activities in the house are done by the people. Some people wanted to buy this house in a cheap price where as some people couldn't see the house being sold. So some people had spread the ghost story for their benefit.

3. The sound in the house in story number 3 is by the mouse. We stayed one night there and found that some big mousses live in the house. They had also made holes in the furniture. So there was no ghost living there.


4. According to our investigation, the house in case number 4 is very old. It is situated a bit lonely in the village. The sound is nothing like ghost. This is the sound of the things in the house. Yes, goods in the house can make sound themselves due to the change of temperature in them. We hear this sound only in the night because the environment is quiet in the night. Similarly, the sound became very clear in the story because hot air was blowing there. It is because humidity is less in the hot air.s

5. Case number 5 is product of teenager’s joke. We conclude that the event had been kick started by the local boys. Otherwise the woman may be a helpless woman wandering place to place. It was the fear of Balram which made him encounter with ghost.

6. According to our research done in Africa, Abeba was a lie loving woman. She had told so many lies in the society. That day she imagined something strange while walking and narrated it to be real with her friends. Firstly people did not believe it. But when the story became older, it was described as a true story in the society.

7. Mrs Shila lives in our locality. We met her and asked so many questions about her ghost experiences. We found that she hugely believe on ghost. She is an uneducated woman. When she was shocked by her husband’s death, she was mentally disturbed for some days. The environment of her house and her belief on ghost made her watch ghost. This case gave us a lesson that some types of psychological disorders appear in the patients for a temporary moments especially during the time of unpleasant events.


8. In the real ghost story 6, Vibek is only 8 years old. Shushma is a superstitious woman. She had told so many ghost stories to Vibek. So Vibek had seen ghost and become ill. He was later cured by the witchdoctor. But actually he was cured by his own belief. It can be best categorized into the topic ‘Power of Mind backed by Faith’.

9. When we deeply investigated case number 9 in China, we got further story in which police and an engineer found the reality of the ghost attack. It was a criminal attack in the form of ghost for some benefits. Later the villagers were reinstated.

10. In the case of Bhutan, we found that the story is only a story. This story is famous in our homeland Nepal also. Accordingly, people believe that the last piece of the body must be burnt completely. If it came out, it can kill all people present there.
Discovered by Don Prince, Prem Darshan and Sujan Kshetry