I think nothing in this universe is beyond the science. However our society is still rigid to believe on ghosts, witches and other unreal as well as unseen stuffs. But official science does not support the paranormal phenomena.  What I believe is the part of another topic. I want to say that sometimes paranormal activities will be experienced due to the concerned psychological disorders. I have tried to clarify my opinions through some illustrations. Have a look.

Case Study 1
Gita is often reported to be attacked by unseen powers while she sleeps. She tells that she can’t speak at that moment. Sometimes she can’t even move her body. She becomes OK after a while.  She believes that it is the attack of ghost, witch or any other evil spirit.
Associated Psychological Disorder
Gita is probably suffering from Sleep Paralysis. It is a type of psychological disorder in which a person will be temporarily unable to move any parts of his/her body.

Case Study 2
Atmaram thinks himself to be God. He has delusion that he has got special skill or powers and he is not among the common people. His mother is worried about him. It is almost impossible to bring a change into his belief system without the help of psychiatrist. But he never accepts that he needs treatment.
Associated Psychological Disorder
Atmaram may be suffering from a psychological disorder called ‘Psychosis’. It is a type of disorder in which a person thinks that he is not among the common people. He thinks that he is God. He won’t be ready to change his belief even one presents evidences against his belief system.

Case Study 3
Sabita is often sick. People in her village believe that she has been caught by a kind of ghost. Sabita has reported that she is sometimes called by unseen power which is probably a ghost or an evil spirit. Sometimes she sees the ghost while she is in neither sleep nor awaken state.
Associated Psychological Disorder
Sabita is suffering from Schizophrenia. Hallucination and delusions are its main symptoms.

There are some other types of disorders which results strange paranormal activities. If you experience such things, don’t believe on them. You should consult with an expert psychiatrist. I hope I helped you with this article. Wishing you a good mental health!
Discovered by Don Prince