What is dream?
Dream is the manifestation of one’s thoughts, experiences and memory of bygones as well as the scenario of the future. Dream can be both random and meaningful. It is the responsibility of a dreamer to interpret the dream rightly. Dream is still an unfolded topic in the intellectual community. After all someone hardly knows dream is the storehouse of several fruits which are unbelievable, incredible and wonderful because dream is associated with our subconscious mind which is said to be the treasure inside our mind. There is a belief in several religions that dream is the actual medium God communicates with us meaning that we are walking in the right path by following the guideline of the omnipotent guide.


What is dream interpretation?
Dream interpretation is the process of explaining and understanding the hidden symbols of dream in order to understand the meaning of dream which may represent one’s present, past or future. Yes, it is true that dream can give us detail about our past, present and also future. Let me illustrate it. Pharaoh in Egypt had seen 7 cows eating other seven cows in his dream. He also saw 7 ears of corn eating other seven ears of corn. By interpretation of this dream, Pharaoh knew that Egypt is going to suffer from drought and starvation for 7 years in near future. So he stored corns for 7 years. When the starvation began, he supplied corns among the people. Julius Seizer is another example. Her queen had got symbol in her dream that he will be killed. The queen warned Julius and told him not to go anywhere. But Julius did not believe and went out and he died. There are so many such examples in the pages of the history. But scientists are yet to understand why some dreams come true.

Is dream interpretation scientific?
There are some topics in Psychology which are yet to be verified officially. Some of them like telekinesis have been officially rejected. Dream Interpretation is out of them. Large research has been done in the past. Dream Scientists are still researching on it. The burning example of the dream interpretation research is the world famous book ‘’the Interpretation of Dream’’ by Sigmund Fraud who is an established psychologist and writer.

What are the advantages of dream interpretation?
Interpretation of dream has many advantages. It is helpful to medical science to investigation bureau. Let me summarize some of them.
1. Psychiatrists can diagnosis the mental disorder of a person by interpretation of his/her dream correctly.
2. One can know the secret of present, life of past and the events of future through dream.
3. A person can mend his life by controlling his dream to visualise the desired scenes in the dream.


How to interpret dream?
Interpretation of dream is as easier as you are reading how to interpret dream. Follow the following steps to interpret your dream.

Remembering the dream
This step is very important and must be followed rationally. Some people prefer to write their dream. If you are also doing so, write as soon as you wake up from your dream.

Finding out if the dream is random or meaningful
If you interpret a meaningless dream, your work is meaningless. So first of all be confirmed that your dream has some senses in your or others life. Simple, take it meaningful if your dream is extra ordinary.

Understanding the symbols in dream
Dreams are coded in symbols. Try to understand the actual meaning of the symbols of your dream.


Illustrations of Dream Interpretation
Let's be clear with everything with the support of 3 dream interpretation illustrations. These three illustrations are true.

Real Case 1
Carrying bed in dream
Anjana is a 19 years old girl who lives in Birgunj city of Nepal. One day she saw a dream where she was going somewhere by carrying bed. She told about the dream to her mother. Her mother said, ‘’This is not a good dream. This is the sign that someone in our relatives is sick.’’ In the same day a call informed them that Anjana’s uncle is sick and he has been hospitalised. Anjana’s uncle lived in a village. Though Anjana’s relatives had arrived in the hospital, Anjana also had to stay there for the proper care of her uncle. She took bed from her house to hospital to stay at night.


Psychological Analysis
Carrying bed in dream is the symbol of this dream. This is a common symbol in Nepal. People in Nepal believe that if somebody carries bed in dream, he/she has to go for cooperating sick relatives. So Anjana’s mother knows that someone will call them in hospital. Everyone knows it. But it is hardly known by anyone why carrying bed represents relative’s sickness. Let me clarify it. Nepal is a developing country. There is less hospital. In the hospital there is less bed and place. So relatives bring their beds themselves. So in Nepal carrying bed means somebody is sick in relatives. If it happened in developed countries like USA and England, the interpretation of this dream would be definitely different.


Real Case 2
Pushed into river by someone
In a dream, Bhola was walking with his brother in the bank of a river. His brother suddenly pushed him from the back. Then Bhola went into the water. Then he woke up. What may be the meaning of this dream? Bhola was confused. Is his brother planning to kill him? Bhola went to a friend named Dinesh who had a good knowledge about dream interpretation. First question Dinesh asked with Bhola is ‘’Do you know swimming? If Bhola knows swimming, then this dream should be explained positively. But Bhola didn’t know swimming. So Dinesh started thinking negatively. He told that somebody is against Bhola. But who is he/she? Is he his borhter? Obviously not, because Bhola knew how good Bhola’s brother was. Now Bhola was asked so many questions. Another question was ‘’Do they know anyone who is somehow like Bhola’s brother either by name, face colour, hobby or profession?’’ They made a list of 10 similar persons. Now the question was ‘’Who may be going negatively?’’ No. 4 was selected whose name was Ravi. The similarity between Bhola’s brother and Ravi was their name. Yes both shared same name. Now it was time to find out the connection between Bhola and Ravi. It was easily found. Both liked same girl name Shila. But Shila liked Bhola. Last time, Ravi had told some negative things about Shila, so Bhola had become far from Shila. It was a trick of Ravi to separate them. Now Bhoal and Shila discussed it and found the result exactly what the dream was indicating.

Psychological Analysis
This case reveals that the same symbol may results different things for different persons. For instance if Bhola knew swimming the dream could have meaning that somebody was helping him.


Real Case 3
Seeing oneself inside coffin
Anamika lives in India. One day she had a strange dream. She saw herself inside coffin. She felt that she was dead. People were preparing for funeral procession. It was a terrible dream. In the very next day she died.

Psychological Analysis
This is a type of dream which is not symbolic. This dream has direct message that she was dying. Being in coffin means to face death. This is universal truth.


Final Words
In this way dream symbol can be individual, common and universal. If you understand the situation and symbols you can interpret any dream without reading dream interpretation dictionary. However, if you understand them, it will be easy for you to interpret the dream.
Discovered by Don Prince