I often get contacted by new Kalki Avatar through internet message or comments on my articles. I don’t know what the reasons are behind. But every time I have to meet new Kalki Avatar. May be they want me write about them. May be they think I am related to their mission regardless of their mission is true or false. I respect their sentiment. However I never respond back. I am sorry for that. Though I am writing this article for all who are interested to know something new about Kalki Avatar, it will answer lots of questions of so called Kalki Avatars too.

Who is Kalki?
If you are non Hindu you might be asking a question, ‘’who is Kalki?’’ Kalki Avatar is believed to be the upcoming incarnation of lord Vishnu. It is believed by the Hindus that he will come to the earth to fight against evil.

How many people claim they are Kalki?
According to Hindu holy books, there are still thousands of years left to welcome Kalki Avatar on the earth. However so many people in the world claim that they are Kalki. India only consists of more than 200 Kalki Avatars. Some of them are underground too. They have managed to describe the Hindu Epic to meet their godhood.

What is the evidence of Kalki?
Many people don’t believe on the claim of Kalki Avatar because they don’t have any concrete evidence. Yes, some Kalki Avatars do exhibit some abstract proofs. But they are not sufficient. The only one proof the real Kalki should exhibit is his supernatural power because this is the right parameter to distinguish between human and God. And we know no one has shown it.

Do I believe on Kalki Avatar?
I have already told in my previous article that everything which has beginning definitely has ending in this universe. If you go back to our world history, you remember that there is war time to time at the end of the eras. So I can’t deny the truth that religious war will be a must to stop the ongoing sins in the world. But I can’t say the war will be triggered by Kalki Avatar, Jesus Avatar or a dictator. After all, arrival of Kalki on the earth is reality and he might have born in India.

Then what should we do?
What should we do then? I want to repeat the appeal of Einstein here. Save humanity to save the earth. Let’s walk on the path of peace and non violence. Let’s promote humanity. I want to add here that if we are right in our place, we should not fear of anything, anybody.