Ghost, perhaps, is the most popular word talked as superstitious on the land. After all, people still ask question each other that the ghost is really existed or it is a super fake. And I am much more surprised that most of them are from among the intellectual class. Today we will discuss on scientific reasons ghost can be real or not. First of all, let me narrate a true event happened with me last week.

The Amazing Event
It was festival of World Cup 2014 around the world. My close friend Amit needed company to watch television. So he invited me to be with him during the world cup season. As we were neighbours, every world cup night I went to his house. Some days, he came to my house also. But I found something strange in his house. We were sleeping near the window. And he was at the window side. Every midnight a black shadow entered in his body while he was sleeping. One day it came inside me too. {If you ask how I know it while sleeping, let me remind you. From my childhood, I have the quality of knowing every unwanted events surrounding me while I am sleeping. Because when my conscious mind sleeps, my subconscious mind is still awake and sends information to my conscious mind. Don’t be surprised. You can also develop this quality if you practice.} One night he was more dangerously attacked. The black shadow entered in his body so speedily that he shouted. But he was still sleeping. This time his body became so black which only I was seeing. Then after 5 seconds it came in normal. He was sweating. Later he turned well.

The next day before sleeping I asked him, ‘’Do you believe on ghost?’’ He replied, ‘’Yes, I do.’’ I asked, ‘’Have you ever seen ghost?’’ He said, ‘’Yes, I have seen ghost’s hand. It came and grabbed my throat. I tried to call someone for help but I couldn't speak. Later I prayed God and it disappeared.’’ ‘’Do you believe on God?’’ ‘’Yes, I believe on God.’’

He was a true speaking man like me. But I denied his saying that he had seen ghost’s hand. Then he began to talk about witch. He said that his family together had seen a witch lighting whole tree nearby his house while they were in village. She had strangely attacked them many times. Later she left the village.

Now let me tell you the most amazing and exciting event of this sequel. After 3 days of our conversation, one night a very strange happened with me. At midnight my subconscious mid gave me a very strange signal and I came to open my eyes. A face with dangerous look was staring me from the window. It was definitely not a human. It was perhaps a ghost. We were watching each other’s eyes. I had no fear on my mind because first of all I don’t believe on the existence of the ghost. Secondly, if ghost is real, I believe that ghost is the weakest power against me. Now I feel my eyes had become more dangerous than him and I was staring at him too. Then he disappeared.

Next day, I asked with my friend, ‘’is there any strange thing in this room?’’ Perhaps he understood me. He said, ‘’Sorry dude, I had hidden a thing with you. This room is haunted. My father had committed suicide in this room. Then after, no one sleeps in this room. But I wanted to watch world cup. If television was seen in that rest room, others might be disturbed at night. So, I decided to shift the TV in this room and I called you for help or company.’’

I am still stubborn on my point and I am saying that ghost is not existed on this earth. It is superstitious to believe on any paranormal elements. Then what about the events above happened with me? Now it’s time for scientific analysis.

Why did my friend and his family members see witch?
It’s so simple. So called witch was a superstitious and uneducated woman. She was trying to practice witchcraft which is ridiculous because witchcraft is not real. And she doesn't know it.

Why did my friend see ghost’s hand and it attacked him?
This is due to the imbalance in nerves while sleeping. Besides, he was a psychological patient in the past. He was made to believe that he had been attacked by ghost.

Why did he shout when the black shadow entered?
He was not shouting. It was my illusion.

Why was the black shadow disappeared?
It disappeared because Amit believed on God power. Once again read above where I asked him whether he believes God or not.

What was the black shadow?
Later I asked some superstitious people about black shadow. They told that ghost can be black or white. But this is a rumour scattered in the society.

Were that black shadow and ghost real?
It is obviously not. Due to world cup, I was not sleeping for many days. In the other hand when he said that he had seen ghost, it forced my mind to believe that I might also see the ghost. Moreover, I was in a new house and room. May be, my mind was unconsciously suspecting ghost and spirit’s existence there. So I experienced such strange things.

What about the haunted house?
It was just coincidence.

If you see ghost, witch, and spirit anything, don’t believe that they are real. Think scientifically. It is your illusion or some types of miner or major psychological problem. More funnily if ghost is real, then also do not get afraid. Be strong. If you are strong, even alive can’t do anything. Ghosts are already dead.
Discovered by Don Prince