This is a real story of ghost revenging with people in India. It happened some years ago. This event became famous in India. It is also shown in ‘Sawadhan Indian’, the popular episode of the popular TV channel namely LIFE OK . We had done a formal investigation in this case and concluded with an entirely different result. All people closed this topic in the name of ghost and spirit. But we have extracted the science behind this event. Because we don’t believe on Ghost, Spirit, Tantra, Mantra, etc.

Let’s begin the story in short. Unlike many innocent women in India, a girl namely Rashmi was born alive by her husband and mother in law on the charge of not bringing much dowry in the marriage. The case was closed declaring to be a suicide case. But after 5 years the spirit of Rashmi went inside the body of another woman named Sunita. Then Sunita began to behave abnormally. She had become Rashmi completely. A witchdoctor made Rashmi speak everything through Sunita’s mouth. As per her description, she was taken to the father of Rashmi. She recognized everyone there. She had told how she was murdered by her husband and mother in law. Police investigated on the case. Finally Rashmi’s husband and mother in law accepted the offence. Most amazingly, Rashmi went out of the body of Sunita and then Sunita became well as if she was not sick before.

People still think that this was really a paranormal case, especially due to the moment of witchdoctor’s act. But the magic of witchdoctor was nothing more than a hypnosis procedure. And we like to relate this case with Spirit Personality Disorder. Spirit Personality is a type of mental disorder where the patient gets another personality or spirit within him/her. In this case, Sunita suffered from this disorder and she took the personality of Rashmi in her. There were two persons, i.e. Rashmi and Sunita in her. When Rashmi’s criminals were arrested, Sunita believed that Rashm has got her aim achieved. So she became cured herself.

Personality Disorder is still a vague topic in Psychology. We have found that a large number of people with this disorder are found in India as well as USA. But the cases are defined differently specially in remote areas of India where superstitions are extreme. Most of the people explain it as the ghost attack where as some cases are taken as rebirth case. The vast majority of intellectual crowd deny accepting it as spiritual or rebirth case. However, no one knows the reality. Many scholars are on the path of exploring the truth. We are some of them.
Discovered by Don Prince, Prem Darshan and Sujan Kshetry