The society of Nepal provides a big background for psychological research. The society is very much potential for the research of psychological phenomenon like Dream. In this article, I have collected 40 dream symbols and tried to interpret them from the eyes of Nepalese people. Let’s kick start.

1. Flying in the sky: You may travel long distance.
2. Falling down from the sky: You may face humiliation in the society.
3. Watching Sky: You will get good honour.
4. Watching cloud in the sky: You may get profit in the business.
5. Raining: You may fall in sick.
6. Raining in the same place: Crops will be cheap.
7. Raining with thunderbolt: Problem like sickness, debt will be solved.
8. Watching up to the land: You will get wealth.
9. Cultivating land: You will get success.
10. Watching storm or dust in the sky: This is the sign of war.
11. Watching thunderbolt: This is sign of wealth.
12. Mixing with land: You may face destruction.
13. Walking in the forest: You will get religious progress.
14. Eating in the forest: This is the sign of wealth.
15. Eating soil: You will be humiliated.
16. Walking on the soil: You will be rich.
17. Digging well: This is the signal of economic profit.
18. Taking water out of the well: It will increase income.
19. Falling into the well: This is the symbol of problem.
20. Coming out of the well: This is the symbol of success.
21. Walking in the water: You will succeed.
22. Seeing flood: This is the signal of great problem.
23. Seeing darkness in the river: You will face great grief.
24. Bathing in the river: This is the symbol of happiness.
25. Drinking dirty water from the river: This is the symbol of sickness.
26. Seeing boat: You will get rid of your problem.
27. Sitting on the boat: You will be arrested.
28. Seeing boat on the dry field: It brings grief.
29. Seeing twinkling star: Family member increases.
30. Taking star on the hand: Daughter will be born.
31. Seeing mountain: You will get victory over enemy.
32. Walking on the hill: You will get honour.
33. Climbing hill: You will see success.
34. Seeing flower: Lover will meet.
35. Seeing cage: Imprisonment may result.
36. Seeing green forest: Good news will come.
37. Seeing dry forest: Anxiety may cause.
38. Seeing moon: You will get honour.
39. Cooking food: Children may be sick.
40. Finding gold: You may lose money.

People in Nepal also believe some types of dreams to be either good or bad. Let’s see them.
Good Dreams
crops, riding horse, ox, cow, teacher, white flower, curd, rice, elephant, king, fruit, sweet, statue of god, scholar Brahman, bathing in the sea, star, moon, god, temple, music, mountaineering, children, study, sage, drinking milk, snake, corpse, speech, crying man

Bad Dreams
fire, burning pyre, empty pot, falling teeth, falling hair, red or black clothe, eating sweet thing, throne, enemy, monster, buffalo, monkey, hanging to death, flying in the air, flood, playing with snake, dry tree, ash, storm, drowning, waterless pond, well, river, mask, ghost, landslide, bridge, being alone in the forest, sweating, noise, marriage