There is a terrible misconception in Hinduism that Radha was a married woman before she fell in love with Krishna. Ayan was said to have married with Radha. I have already described in my previous post how the rumours of marriage between Radha and Ayan spread mistakenly. In this post, I will tell you why Radha can’t marry with anyone other than Krishna.

1. No one can deny the truth that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi had come to the earth in the forms of Krishna and Radha respectively. So is not it funnier to believe that Radha married any other?

2. The story of the marriage between Radha and Ayan is not accurate in itself. Some mythologists say Radha was married before Krishna loved her and some scholars say that she married with Ayan after Krishna left Vrindavan. Such dual descriptions have made the marriage story of Radha and Ayan more complex and unbelievable.

3. Everyone accepts the truth that Radha was a completely ideal girl with high moral character. How can she have relationship with other after marriage? Same point applies to Lord Krishna too. I have already described it in my previous post.

4. Radha was discovered so lately that even Mahabharata and Bhagawat can’t mention her anywhere. So chances are high that people will describe her personality and life as per their benefits. So such rumours may have spread.

5. The number of people believing Radha’s marriage before she meets Krishna is too less than the number of people believing Radha being single. The ‘’Shree Krishna’’ episode of Ramananda Sagar is an appropriate verification.

6. No society can refuse the love between Radha and Krishna, although they are not in the side of the emotional connection like LOVE. Because the love between Radha and Krishna is so pure that they are still taken as symbol of love. In this condition, it is really foolishness to say that Radha was previously married.

7. Radha and Krishna are always worshipped together. They come together in hymns. They are incomplete without another. So there is no doubt that Radha can marry only Krishna.

In my previous article, I have proved that Radha and Rukmini are same. Rukmini is nowhere mentioned to be a married woman before she gets marry with Krishna. So it is unjustifiable to say that Radha was a married woman before Krishna marries her.
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