Today I am going to prove that Lord Krishna had ONLY ONE queen. She is not other than Radha. Surprised? It is obvious because you have been carrying the misconception from your childhood that Krishna married 16108 girls except Radha. Why did not Krishna marry Radha? If you had this question on your mind and searched it in the internet, you must have read my popular article {till now this article has been read more than 30,000 times} and got the right answer.

When I was first heard, taught and said about Lord Krishna, I never accepted any negative expression about him. Later I found how some bad and good people criticize him. Whenever those people were questioned for their immorality and some miner offences, they presented the story of Krishna to save themselves. It was really intolerable for me. I read and watched some scholars trying to save Krishna from misinterpretation. I still want to salute them. But I was sorry, their philosophy was too extra ordinary to make common people understand. Moreover, They themselves were confused. In this situation, I naturally had many questions which everyone deserved. But the only difference between us was that they were still standing with questions but I had been answered from my inner soul. Perhaps God had chosen me to convey his messages to the people.

The BIGGEST PROOF of marriage between Krishna and Radha is that Radha has been listed  as one of the Ashta Bharyas {8 wives of Krishna} in ancient Hindu scripture. Similarly, the strongest point to disagree the false fact of Krishna marrying 16108 girls is that this saying has no uniformity in different countries. For instance, People of some countries specially that of India say that Krishna had 16108 wives. But people of some other countries specially from Nepal say that he had 1600 wives. I know you all are genius. Now, I don't have to say you that the biggest crack of any false rumour is dis-uniformity.

You must read my previous 3 articles linked above {16108 girls, my popular article and Ashta Bharyas}. If these 3 articles are made ONE, they conclude that Krishna married only one girl, i.e. Radha. Rest of the girls were mistakenly interpreted  in course of time. I don't want to repeat them again as it is not ethical to spam the internet by repeating the same thing again and again. And I still recommend you to read about the reality of Mira and love story of Andal who are the two big names attached with Krishna after 16108 girls.

Krishna was a great social reformer. He can't encourage polygamy though polygamy was common for a king at that time. Gita is the proof that Krishna was an ideal God. The love of God Krishna either for Gopis and Gopinis or towards 16000 captives of Narakasur, should be taken as the love between Human Being and the Supreme Soul.
Discovered by Don Prince