Why is Krishna blue in colour?
Krishna is blue in colour. It symbolizes that Krishna is creative and he loves art. It also symbolizes that he has excellent imagination power.

Why does Krishna play flute?
Krishna plays flute. The reason is obviously he loves music. But there is also another cause that he plays flute. He is a smart hypnotist who also knows how to hypnotize through music.

Why does Krishna wear peacock feather?
Since peacock feather has 7 colours, it symbolizes 7 qualities of Krishna, i.e., Ideal, Simplicity, Peace, Truth, Love, Politeness and Friendship.

Why does Krishna put Tilak?
As the Tilak is the religious symbol of Vaishnavism, putting Tilak by Krishna refers that he follows Vishnu God. He is also incarnation of Vishnu.

Why does Krishna show his finger while speaking?
Pointing up with a finger by Krishna symbolizes that Krishna is a great philosopher who has capacity to show the right path to the people in the society.

Why does Krishna wear yellow?
Krishna often wears yellow clothe. He has deep devotion towards Hinduism and he wants Hinduism to be spread throughout the world. Think that he wants to popularize this religion.

Why does Krishna love cows?
Krishna and Radha are the incarnations of Vishnu and Laxmi respectively. However, there is slight difference between Incarnation of God and the Main God. Attachment of Krishna with cows symbolizes the dedication of Krishna towards Laxmi because cow is also the form of Laxmi according to Hinduism.

Why does Krishna stand making his legs crossed?
Krishna was mostly depicted in idols and photos with crossed legs. It gives us a hint that he was a great social reformer.

Why does Krishna wear crown?
Krishna was seen in pictures and idols decorated with crown. Whatever reason there is, but the philosophical meaning behind it is that he was not like other common people. He is special. He is God. Besides he was a king of Dwarika if you are talking about big Krishna.

Why does Krishna love butter?
Krishna loves butter very much. He is even narrated for stealing butter and curd with his friends. Though this is a childish attitude of Krishna, it has a symbolic meaning. It is the symbol that he was a polite man.

Discovered by Don Prince
photo credit: Diganta Talukdar via photopin cc