Death of Lord Krishna can be marked as the end of Dwapara Yuga and the advent of Kali Yuga. Believe or not, the super powers of the earth also vanished with the end of Lord Krishna. I personally believe that it again starts with the beginning of the Satya Yuga. This is a cycle made by God.

I have already said in my previous articles that God is the greatest scientist of the world because God Power or Super Power is scientific. I have also said that Super Powers are the effect of Psychology. However there is not always Psychology behind them. But today I am exactly writing the super powers backed by Psychology. Moreover, I will tell you where Lord Krishna used his expertise in Psychology as a weapon in Dwapara Yuga.

Lord Krishna used the following psychic techniques to cut miracles:
• Hypnosis: Lord Krishna has been said ‘’Mayawi’’ in whole Mahabharata. If you translate this word into English. It is rightly ‘’Hypnotist’’. Yes, Krishna had full knowledge of this chapter. He mostly used hypnosis techniques in his whole real magic show. For example, just remember the event in Mahabharata war where he magically spread the illusion of sun set to end the life of Jayadratha through Arjun.

• Telekinesis: I think telekinesis is the most dangerous and biggest super power. Because it can paralyse any power, anything and anybody in the universe. Lord Krishna was very excellent at art of telekinesis. He used this power very smartly in many places. For instance, when Lord Krishna goes to Hastinapura for peace talk, Duryodhan’s soldiers try to chain him. But they can’t even lift the chain. Another most amazing example is in the beginning of the war. When Arjuna denies war, Krishna recites Gita. During Gita preaching he makes everyone motionless and senseless except Arjuna.

• Atmoskinesis: When Bal Krishna {Little Krishna} stops people to worship Indra, Indra attacks whole village with natural phenomena like air, rain, fire, etc. But they are controlled by Krishna. He even lifts Gobardhan Parbat {hill} to save the people from the disasters. He had used the power of Atmoskinesis there.

• Precognition: Precognition is the feeling of future events. Lord Krishna had precognition skill genetically. For example, he promised with the queen of Birata to make Parikshit the final king of the Kuru dynasty and the Dwapara Yuga. Because he had already known with the power of precognition that Abhimanyu and other sons of Dropadi will die in the Mahabharata war.

• Personology: Lord Krishna used Personology several times in his life. When his friend Sudama visits him, Sudama can’t express his problem of poverty. But with the knowledge of personology Lord Krishna knows his situation and helps him economically.

• Dreamikinesis: Dreamikinesis is still one of the uncovered chapters in the Psychology. But Lord Krishna had already used it in Dwapara Yuga. When Duryodhan and Sakuni planned to arrest Krishna, he knew it previously. This is the miracle of nothing other than Dreamikinesis.

Besides Psychology, Lord Krishna used all branches of Science like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I don’t say that Lord Krishna was not a God. I want to only prove that everything in this universe is scientific. It is up to the people to take them blindly or scientifically.
Discovered by Don Prince