One of the most common questions I ask with people is ‘Do you believe on God or not?’. Fortunately majority of the people say ‘YES’. However I find some people who don’t believe on God. When I ask them about the reason, they say that it is because God does not listen their pray.

I agree God mostly does not listen our pray. He does not fulfil our wish all the time. How is it possible? Today I will tell you why God can’t fulfil your all wishes.

As it is very easy to understand anything with story, I am going to express my opinion in the form of a story. The story is based on imagination. In the final you will get your answer. Now let me tell you my story.

Once upon a time there lived a poor family in a village. There were only four members in that family. They were Jack, his wife Amanda, son Tom and daughter in law Mery. Jack was a great devotee of Jesus Christ. But he had never asked anything with God Jesus.

One day Jack made mind to ask something with Jesus. He prayed the God. As Jack was a true devotee, Jesus appeared in front of him and asked why he called him. Jack told that he had been tired of his poverty. He wanted to be rich at least for his family. At last, he asked ten million dollars with the God Jesus. God Jesus told that he was not able to fulfil his wish as it was against the rule of nature. But Jack did not move from his determination. So Jesus told that his wish will come true after one day.

The next day Jack found a bag on the road. When he opened, it was full of money. He thought that God Jesus fulfilled his wish. He ran to home and soon he made a large building. He bought a new car and started a business and lived happily.

Jack did not know where the money had come from. Neither does he want to investigate it. One day a bad message came from his daughter in law Mery’s home. Mery’s father had lost a money bag on the way. So he died with heart attack after some days of the event. After getting this message, Mery also died. Later Jack told his son Tom that the money which he got was of Mery’s father. Tom became very angry and left the home. Tom got accident on the way and died. After listening it, Jack’s wife became mentally sick.

Now Jack understood he had nothing to live happily for. He prayed Jesus. Jesus came again. Jack told that he did not need wealth any more. He just wanted his family back. Jesus smiled and said that his wish will be fulfilled.

Tomorrow in the morning when Jack got up from the bed, everything was fine. His son Tom was reading. His daughter in law Mery was cooking food and his wife Amanda was coming with tea for him. Jack understood that he had a special dream last night.

So God has made the rule of nature and he also follows it. If such rules are violated, there will be imbalance on the earth. That’s why God can’t listen you all the time. Now I hope you have got answer of your query.
Discovered by Don Prince