I think I am not wrong if I tell that Albert Einstein is the most popular celebrity in the academic world. You might have noticed that almost all intellectuals illustrate the master mind of Einstein while inspiring someone to have great intelligence. You might have also heard the saying that Sir Einstein had used only ten percentage of his brain capacity. And this is a common question in academic discussion that what would have been to this world if Einstein had used hundred percentage of his mind potentiality?

I hope you will not get angry with me if I tell you that this type of discussion and question is worthless. Why? Every human can use maximum ten percentage of his mind potentiality. This is carried on by our conscious mind. Rest of the mind potentialities is handled by our subconscious mind. I don’t say that no one can cross that threshold. But to do so one must mobilize his subconscious mind. So it is clear that it is not justifiable to say that Einstein had used only ten percent of his mind potentiality.

Here is good news for you. Everyone can be intellectual like Einstein. Not only this much, even people with dull mind can be intelligent. Kalidasa, the great poet of India is the burning sample. All of you know that he was too dull in previous days of his life. Later he became the greatest poet of India. He did it by sending the positive suggestion to his subconscious mind. There are so many such samples in the world. So you should believe that you are/will be very smart and intelligent. You will surely get it coming true.

Would you mind considering these facts?
@ Thomas Elva Edison invented electric bulb.
@ Michael Faraday invented electricity.
@ Right brothers invented aeroplane.
@ Graham Bell invented telephone.
@ Marconi invented radio.

Now let me ask you a question. Why did not other people invent these inventions? Actually all human brains have capacity to invent. But they lacked belief and consequently they lacked confidence and ultimately they lacked tireless efforts. So only Thomas, Faraday, Graham Bell, Rights brothers and Marconi did it because they knew they had treasures in their subconscious mind and they explored it.
Discovered by Don Prince