Let’s open the chapter of Ramayana First. All of us know that Lord Ram killed Bali with arrow by hiding behind a tree. After the end of Ravan, Angad, the son of Bali asked Ram to revenge with the murderer of Bali. He did not know that his father had been killed by not other than Lord Ram himself. Lord Ram said that his wish would be fulfilled in another birth. Actually Lord Ram was incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu was coming to the earth again in the form of Lord Krishna. Thus, Lord Krishna had set his disappearance from the earth before he appeared.

Now let’s open the pages of Mahabharata. As Lord Krishna had come to the earth to defeat the unjust, he plotted, directed and ended the Mahabharata war in which unjust lost and just won. All of us know that this war was between Kaurav and Pandav. All 100 Kaurav brothers except one of them died in this war. So their mother Gandhari cursed Lord Krishna to face same situation in future meaning that Lord Krishna and his Yadav clan will die by fighting each other like Kaurav and Pandav of Kuru clan. Lord Krishna accepted the curse.

Days passed. Months passed. After 36 years, a serious event took place in Dwarika Iceland of Lord Krishna. Samba, the naughty young son of Lord Krishna played a fun with Saptarishi who had come to visit Lord Krishna in Dwarika. Followed by some friends, Samba disguised himself into a pregnant woman and asked the Rishi to predict he will bear son or daughter. Kanva, one of the Saptarishi knew it and cursed Sambha to give birth of the thing which he had kept inside him. He also said that the thing given birth by Samba will be the cause for the death of Lord Krishna and Yadav clan. Then after, according to the suggestion of Ugrasen and Akrur, the iron bolt coming from inside Samba was ground into powder and cast into the sea Prabhas. While grinding, there was remaining of the triangular shaped mace which could not be ground. It was also cast into the sea.

Time passed by. The triangular shaped mace was swallowed by a fish. The fish was caught by a hunter namely Jara {Jiru}. He turned the triangular shape mace into a poisonous arrow for hunting. And the powder also gathered along the coast of the sea which turned into grasses later.

In 3102 BC, some prominent Yadavs had went for a picnic near the coast. They started talking about the war of Mahabharata. All Yadavs had fought siding Kaurav in Mahabharata as per the wish of Lord Krishna. However some of the Yadavs had sided Pandav. They began to criticize each other in relation to Mahabharata war. A massive fight broke out within them. They began to kill each other. Krishna plucked the grasses of made from powder and threw at the fighting Yadavs. They also began to throw the grass ignorantly at each other. The grasses turned into sharp blade which killed all of them.

Krishna immediately called Arujan from Hastinapur and asked him to take all women and children to Hasrtinapur. Krishna forced Radha {Rukmini} also to go to Hastinapur for security. While going Hastinapur, some Bandits attacked Arujan. As Kali Yuga was going to begin, the super powers were going to vanish from the earth. So, Arjun could not control the situation. Many children and women died. The remaining women and children along with Radha reached Hastinapur.

As Krishna was doing the part of a human on the earth, he was not able to change the situation in Dwarika. He along with Balaram went to jungle. Balaram left his body with the power of his Yoga. Then Lord Krishna also began to meditate. The hunter namely Jara perceived him to be a deer and shot the arrow at him. Ultimately the poisonous arrow took the physical life of Krishna.

When everything was in calm, the bodies of Krishna and Balaram were taken to Hastinapur. Radha lied on the funeral pyre of Krishna and burnt her physical body in the name of Satee System. After 7 days, the Dwarika state sank in the sea Prabhas.