Conflict in family in the name of daughter in law and mother in law is common in Nepalese society. One of my relatives told me how he separated from his parents. I noted a famous expression often expressed in Nepal while he was explaining about his wife and mother. While leaving home he had shot a dialogue. ‘’I will take care of my wife even living under a tree but I don’t stay in this house.’’ This is popular in Nepalese society. This means to say that they can stay even under a tree if they can’t build a house. But they don’t want to get any support by parents.

Let’s see another example. Srijana, one my friends, was going to marry with a strange boy in the pressure of her parents. Ramesh who loved her went to her house. There was big financial gap between them. Ramesh was a poor guy. Srijana told to her parents that she can stay even under a tree if she gets Ramesh in life.
I often hear this ‘’Living under a tree’’ stuff in the society. Are they really willing to live under a tree? I know this is only a proverb or saying. However I am thinking how much scientific this saying is. At least, I am thinking just for fun. Suppose they began to stay under a tree. How much is it dangerous in scientific point of view? Let me tell you if you don’t know. The vegetation like tree produces oxygen with the help of sun light throughout the day. But this process can’t continue at night due to the absence of sun. As a result the tree will be producing carbon dioxide instead which causes difficulty in breathing for the man. So, next time, think of another thing to say, if you are leaving home.

Two neighbours fought with the issue of land encroachment. Some villagers came and reminded both of them. One of them said, ‘’What can you take from this world after death? Don’t fight.’’ Though it was a good suggestion, I was thinking this popular saying in a funny but also serious way. I was asking a question to myself. Can we fight if we can take something from this world?

One of the most common questions we are often asked in our life is we are vegetarian or non vegetarian. This question forced me to think people can be really vegetarian or not. I still remember. I was having dinner. After seeing milk on the table, one of my friends asked me, ‘’Are you vegetarian?’’ ‘’Why?’’ I asked. He said, ‘’Because you are having milk.’’ ‘’ I am having milk. So I am non vegetarian.’’ I replied. I don’t know he understood or not. Milk is made inside the body of buffalo by using its white blood cell. So I was saying myself a non vegetarian.
Discovered by Don Prince