National Discovery Channel gets a lot of queries about the marriage of Radha and Krishhna through Google Search. Google often sends people on our most popular article ‘What Happened to Radha after Krishna Left Vrindavan?’.  Unfortunately, people can’t get complete answer there. Because this article is not absolutely about marriage of Radha and Krishna. It is about the life of Radha after Krishna left her in Vrindavan. So we decided to write a separate article to satisfy the people’s need. Hope you like it.

What do ancient scriptures say?
All religious scriptures are silent regarding the issue of marriage between Radha and Krishna. They don’t even mention the name of Radha. Because Radha came in religious literature publicly in 18th century. Hinduism is so old religion to know everything clearly. But it is not impossible too. Modern mythological writers have presented their opinions about Radha differently. Every year there is new book with new philosophy in the market. However no one has  become successful to give satisfactory answer so far.

Was Radha already a married woman?
We often find people talking online and offline that Radha was a married woman. This is a big confusion. And we also accept it. But Radha’s husband was no one other than Lord Krishna himself. We don’t want to say a word to those who believe that Radha married someone else other than Krishna. We only request them to read ‘Gita’ once or once again. You will find Krishna to be the symbol of ideal. How can we believe that such person may have relationship with a married woman?

Did Radha and Krishna marry?
Of course they married. Not once, but two times, i.e., informally and formally. We have already covered this story in our previous three articles. Search these articles in Google or National Discovery Channel.
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3. The Reality Behind the Marriage of Radha

Trying to find out Radha and Krishna married or not is just waste of time. Because it is already a known and natural truth that they married. If you have read those 3 articles. You have understood it.
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