1.    The weight of the man is different on the earth, moon and sun.

2.    Some people experience bleeding from nose while climbing mountain.

3.    The shape of the Sun is larger while rising and setting.

4.    There are peaks of sand in the desert.

5.    Our eyes look red in photo.

6.    Wind starts blowing in the area of fire

7.    If we pour kerosene in the burning thing, the fire will put out.

8.    Water boils faster in the Terai than in the Hill.

9.    The bloods of the insects are not red.

10.   It is always ten past ten in the watch shown in advertisement.

11.   People do not snitch while sleeping.

12.   The water in throat does not go inside till we wish.

13.   We snitch when we smell the chilly.

14.   Things are easy to lift in water than on air.

15.    It is easy to swim in sea than in river.

16.    Ice floats on alcohol.

17.    The sound of the gun can’t reach far on the moon.

18.    The weight of thing is more in polar region and less in equator.

19.    The water of well is cold in hot season but hot in cold season.

20.    The fire of petrol can’t be put out by water.

21.    Damaged egg floats on water.

22.    Sound is heard clearly in hot air than in cool air.

23.    The air coming from punctured Tyre is cool.

24.   The ditch made by the high heel shoes of a woman is deeper than the ditch made by an elephant’s leg.
Discovered by Don Prince