People often dream. But they don’t care about their dream. They don’t know that dream is much more thing than they think about it in their life. Let’s see 10 super powers that anyone can unleash by using dream.

1. Dream as a career guide
I got an emergency call by my friend. His name was Sandesh. I immediately went to visit him. But the case was normal at least for me. He had seen a strange dream and he wanted to interpret it rightly with my help. His dream was something like this. ‘’He with his three friends Arun, Bishwash and Sameer was going somewhere. They found a river on the way. Arun, Bishwash and Sameer crossed it. But he was still waiting. He saw the river. It was very clean that the surface was easily seen. But it was so deep and he did not know swimming. His friends also did not bother to call him. He also did not try to cross the river.’’

Now my friend had given me a case and I had to investigate it. As our friendship was older I didn’t have to spend my time for asking his history. But my friendship with those other three friends was not date back to 4 months. So I asked Sandesh about Arun, Bishwash and Sameer. He also told me all he knew about them. Now the case was clear to me like the water Sandesh had seen in his dream.

I interpreted Sandesh’s dream like this. ‘’Walking on the road indicates one’s going on task, aim, goal, competition, mission, etc. Sandesh is not walking alone in his dream. He is accompanied by his three friends. That means this dream is about the common task of four friends. River on the road indicates the obstacle to fight in reference to the life of Sandesh. Three crossed it. But Sandesh could not. Because he did not know swimming. It means Sandesh lacks the main skill to achieve the goal which rest of friends have got. Sandesh's friends did not encourage him to cross the river. It means none of them like Sandesh achieving the goal. In conclusion the subconscious mind of Sandesh was saying Sandesh to learn a particular skill to achieve his particular goal through this dream.''

After 1 hour of brainstorming, I clarified the meaning of Sandesh’s dream which goes like this. ‘’These four guys have started working hard to run social networking sites. All of them are working in different projects. Three of them have progressed much. But the pace of Sandesh is like that of tortoise. Because there is a major problem. The knowledge of programming is a must to tackle this problem. But Sandesh is lagging behind in programming skill. He must learn it to meet his goal.’’

Now Sandesh is learning programming. He has done tremendous changes in his project. So dear friends, dreams are not the product of our random thoughts. If we understand dream it is a map to reach our destination.

2. Dream as a spy
I often know previously whatever trick my good friends plan for me. I work accordingly and they get surprised. Some well wishers ask me, ‘’How do you know everything?’’ My simple answer is ‘’I have a spy.’’ Now they think that I really have someone to work as a detective for me. But the truth is another. The spy behind me is nothing other than my dream. I am always alerted by my dream whenever there is something  going at my back side. I am imparting this skill to everyone who are interested. If you develop the efficiency to interpret your dream, your dream can expose any secret behind and forward you. See an example.

‘’ One day I found a surprising trick designed for me. By interpreting my dream, . I recognised the person behind the stage. Then I verified it by doing a little investigation for some days. When I became confirmed, I gave an amazing answer secretly. Though it was not a bad answer, it is still unknown.’’

3. Dream as a private astrologer
I don’t believe on horoscope and astrology but I have full belief on precognition through dream. Go and read some pages of history, you will find so many incidents. Subconscious mind of every person shows a glance of the future through dream. The only difference is that some people just ignore it whereas some people use it genuinely. How many times have you seen a dream of arrival of your dearest one at your home and it has become a true event next day?

4. Dream as a doctor
As a librarian manages books in library, our subconscious mind sorts our life situation, thoughts and events in mind through dream. So dream can be a good medical instrument to measure the mental condition of people. Modern psychologists use the dream of the causality to diagnosis their mental problem.

5. Dream as a magician
If you develop the power to control your dream you can materialise your dream by visualising it through your dream. You know that modern psychologists believe on power of visualisation. Just think, when you control your dream you can see the dream of getting your goal fulfilled. Is not it a golden opportunity?

6. Dream as a mind reader
If you know the exact interpretation of your dream, you can read any person by listening his/her dream. Let’s see an example.

One of my colleagues told me that he sometimes sees unknown girl in his dream. I immediately know about him that he had not a good relationship with his wife. That’s why he was frustrated. So he imagined a girl for support and he saw her in his dream.

7. Dream as a means of communication
Telepathy is the way of communicating with mind without getting physical access. Dream is the excellent idea to have such communication. There are several movies in Hollywood and Bollywood where two lovers meet first in their dream then after in their real life. Assume it to be real. Then isn't it the magic of telepathic communication through dream?

8. Dream as a weapon
If one knows how to control other’s dream, he can easily hack other’s mind. He can do it by sending certain situations, messages or suggestions in mind. I still remember. One of my friends tried to dominate me. I controlled his dream and send suggestion of feeling sorry towards me. Tomorrow in the morning he asked for an excuse.

9. Dream as a historian
The history of your subconscious mind is older than your physical presence. So it knows past life before you were born. Dream is the right media your subconscious mind talks with to remind you the special thing backed by your past life. You may have heard several rebirth cases in India and other parts of the world where the victim first sees events of previous birth in dream. This is the proof that dream can represent our past life.

10. Dream as an energy
By controlling what you see in your dream, you can see good dreams which will charge you positively and spiritually. Dream is essential part of our life. If one does not see dream for several days, he/she will face several health related problems.

Dream is still an mysterious chapter in Psychology. Dream is not just a dream. This is something more than a dream. Have a sweet dream.
Discovered by Don Prince