How to Stop Someone From Loving You?

I know you wonder why I am giving you such amazing tips. Everyone wants to learn how to make someone be in love with him/her. But this article is going to teach you how to stop someone from loving you. Trust me, this is more important. Still not convinced? Read my short but real story.

14 years back I had been in a remote country of terai region of Nepal to gain some experience for teaching career. A girl similar to my age used to live in a house next to my door. She was SO black that whenever I saw her I couldn't turn my eyes from her. Since I had never seen so black girl in my life, I always stared her playing with many kinds of feelings in my mind {Remember that my intention here is not to humiliate anyone}. She also used to look at me. I did not know what she was thinking. But after three months, I came to know through my friend that every villager is talking about my affair with that girl. I became so shocked that I without delay packed up and rushed to my home leaving my career and the girl there.

Who do not be loved by others? But it is really SO painful {at least to me} being followed by someone whom we do not want to notice. I am really dedicated and positive towards my well wishers and I salute their feelings. You should also think like me. But LOVE is not emotionally forced and blackmailed. If it is done so, it is rather a huge CHEAT. Let’s not go in deep. Sometimes we must stop someone from loving us. If you are a girl, this is more important.

If you are searching the resource to learn to stop someone from loving you, I think I can help you. Note the given below points and work generously.

Don’t stare at any one
If you look at anyone continuously, it can activate LOVE BIOCHEMICAL {I love to say it love biochemical} in her/his mind that creates love towards you. So don’t do such a silly thing if your intention is not to attract anyone.

Remember you should not be matched with anyone’s check-list
No unmarried person can deny the fact that he/she has made check-list of qualities of his/her dream-girl/dream-man. In this situation, if you are matched with anyone’s list, you can’t be escaped from being loved. Congratualation! Ok, I will help you. Find that what types of partner he/she imagines to have and behave oppositely.

Don’t talk about him/her
If you talk about him/her, that will cause thinking about you. Also, don’t give signal in conversation that you like him/her either consciously or subconsciously.

Don’t mistake to praise
Appreciation helps people to think more. So be cautious while praising anyone. If you do not praise someone, chances are low that you will be liked.

If you do the above mentioned activities just oppositely, the situation will be opposite. Either you like to be loved by someone or do not like to be loved by anyone, this article will help you.
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