Today I am very excited to publish this article. This article is a precious gift to those who are searching formulas to learn how to read people like an open book. This article is also helpful to know present, past and future. As National Discovery Channel does not believe on the future prediction based on Traditional Astrology Science, this article has presented a psychological and scientific method to know about future. Moreover, this article will teach you how to know the secret of people without asking a word with them {Don't use this knowledge to violate someone's right to privacy}. Let's begin the fruitful journey.

For your information, you are going to learn the following things with this article:
@ How to know present, past and future of anyone?
@ How to change your future's bad events?
@ How to improve present?
@ How to know the secret of anyone?
@ How to know the people's hidden attitudes?
@ How to prevent yourself from being exposed by others?

I guarantee that you will definitely learn what I mentioned above provided that you will use it with high caution and good intention. Now let's not waste time. Like earlier, I am explaining it by narrating my true experience where I exposed people magically by using my knowledge of psychology.

Last week I with my friend Shambhu had visited a web hosting company in Kathmandu. After spending about 2 hours there in talking with Sheela, the Director and other staffs there, we returned without giving them our  project. On the way, my friend asked me curiously about our return without setting goal. I told him so many things about the company and director which they had not expressed with us. They are like this:
# The director has unstable mind, so the company may change policy any time.
# She looses her temper very fast. So there may be  problem in future.
# She is loose in character.
# After some years the condition of the company will be worst.

My friend asked me obvious questions, ''How can you say like that? How do you know these all about his attitude, present condition, past and future?'' And I think all of you are also asking same question with me. So without delay, I will answer how I knew these all in which you will also learn this scientific magic.

1 year back I had met a woman named Rupa in her hosting company. After the business relationship, I found following things about her:
# She was characterless.
# She was unstable minded.
# She looked angry most of the time.
# Her company was getting down day by day.

When I reached the office of Rupa that reminded me Sheela and her attitude as well as her business. Firstly the decoration, color and other arrangement of her office reminded me Sheela. Because it was exactly like the office of Sheela. Then I began to compare both women and their postures, way of talking, behavior as well as their mentality. I found a lots of similarities between Rupa and Sheela. So considering the attitude, business and life of Sheela I estimated all things about Rupa which later became true.

Thus this true {but modified} case proves that one can read any person by comparing his life with another person whom he/she knows about. But remember that one or two similarities can't decide. If you go like this, there will be wrong prediction and estimation. Moreover, remember that the life and attitude of two similar persons with similar interest and face are not necessarily similar by 100 percent. However most of the things will be definitely matching with them.

Now let me teach you how to prevent yourself from being exposed with psychologically talented people. As you read above, our hobbies, behaviors, postures, dress up etc are always making us open in front of other. First we have to learn about the attitude of people in relation to their body languages and interest in psychology. Then we have to stop ourselves from doing particular things while talking with other. We can also give artificial signal to the people for misleading their estimation.

If you want to improve your present or prevent your future's events, first find the similar person somewhere who matches with you with face, interest and other things. Then change your attitude dramatically. When there is change in your activities, there will be change in your future also. For example, suppose you found a person who is similar like you. You studied his present and past. He is getting loss in business. Previously he was in profit. After some days he got more loss. Now compare your business with him. If you are also getting somehow loss. It means you will get more loss in future. If you are in too loss at present, it means he and you are in same situation. Now you have to observe his life, whatever is happening with him. And if you want to change your life's events like loss of business, first find out what is the main cause of his loss. Suppose you found his unstable policy is the cause and you also have same habit. Immediately change this habit. Also do some changes in your office from decoration to administrative principle that makes you different than him. You will definitely get different result than him.

Believe or not, I always know the attitude of any person from the very first day of the meeting. I am doing it from years and I am following the same theory of comparison I mentioned above. I think everyone is an open book. If you know the exact formula, you can read the book easily. You can explore everything about him from his/her character to honesty. In this way you can travel his past to future via his present.
Discovered by Don Prince