There is a famous saying in English, ‘’If you are in search of a faultless friend, you should remain friendless.’’ So first of all, you should accept that no friend is faultless. There is another saying, ‘’Doing mistake is not a mistake. Repeating mistake is a mistake.’’ You should judge that your friend is doing mistake willingly or he is just innocent. Because MISTAKE is a life time process. Everybody is doing mistake every day.

Sometimes you will find some people really very bad to you. What to do in that situation? Don’t use ‘’Tit for Tat’’ principle there. Behave positively. You will find them more liberal than you. If they are still inflexible, change your behaviour. Because if you are still paying value to them, you are instigating their ego. Just ignore them simply. They will react positively.

Some people are really bad. If you are also like them, chances are high that you will find each other very positive and social. If you are opposite to them and you are trying to change them  to you, think that you are trying to build a house with sand in a big river. Because good and bad can never be friend. So you should try to be far from them. However you should not cut the relationship with them. Because it is necessary to run the society.
Have a Nice Friend.
Discovered by Don Prince