No one argue that this is the time of intelligence. Each and everything has been dominated by knowledge and creativity. Most of the people are genetic in their intelligence. But do you know it can be developed by applying some scientific methods?

1. Unload you burden from your mind
If your mind is full of unnecessary thoughts, tensions and disturbances, this will block creative thinking. You can’t work genius. Neither can you give good decision. It also sucks your memory card. So be free from unnecessary thought by applying conscious and subconscious method. Meditation is highly recommended.

2. Stick with intellectual schedule
The jar of mind never fills with the water of knowledge. The more you fill water, the more the jar goes deep. So make a schedule of intellectual exercise by reading books, magazine and websites. Writing own books and blogs is highly appreciated.

3. Join the intellectual community
Company plays a vital role to change people’s behaviour and thinking. It is also important to enhance knowledge.  Being in a community of intellectual people can increase your thinking capacity. Involve yourself in the intellectual discussion online as well as offline.

4. Open yourself in groups
Psychologists say that environment can play a good role to shape the people’s mind and attitude. Always listen to the comments of well wishers and ignore the dominations of opponents. Show your talent normally to gather people appreciating your knowledge. One appreciation is enough to make you more intelligent.

5.Think positively
One thought is enough to decide people’s personality. Don’t think negatively. Give priority for positive thinking if you need to decide between Positive and Negative. Never feel inferiority. Visualize yourself as mentally powerful and intellectual person and behave accordingly.

6. Maintain sound health
Health especially sound sleep plays dominant role to make a person brilliant. Lack of sleep causes paralysis to your memory power. Similarly, psychologists say that the memory power decreases when a person becomes older. So keep on exercising your mind as you do with your body.

History has several evidences that so many normal as well as abnormal people have improved their mind potentiality magically and become world famous personalities. The above mentioned 6 methods are the keys they used knowingly or coincidently. I hope it helped you. Happy reading.
Discovered by Don Prince