Let me give you 5 killer tips for your business. Either you are an online entrepreneur or an offline investor, you can squeeze much of juice from the topics of Psychology. Let’s begin the fruitful journey.

1. Increase Value with high authority
Assume that I have just self started my social networking site. Just imagine how much value does my site get if it is signed up by 10 top rated Hollywood actors and actresses? Obviously, most of the people take it seriously and my site will grow faster due to the high value in the market. So this is justifiable to say that increasing brand value is one of the business keys for success.

2. Learn to hypnotise people
Don’t mistake of understanding it negatively. Hypnotism is no doubt an interesting chapter for business promoters. You are everyday being hypnotised by many business companies for their profits. You don’t notice it or you don’t know about it. For instance, when you are offered something free for purchasing any goods, you immediately buy it. But you never think that the price of the goods has already covered that free goods because your mind had been hypnotised with the word ''Free''. Another instance, you went to market to buy hair oil. The shopkeeper showed you some varieties. You were confused which to buy for you. When you saw an oil bottle with a photo of the superstar of your country, you bought it. Because you were watching the ad of this oil many times in TV. Was that oil really better than the others you left on the table? You don’t care it because that ad has hypnotised your mind to buy it.

3. Become a large business
If customers have to choose between a large shop and a small shop, they will obviously choose large one because it is written from ages in their mind that large shops have high quality and accessibility. Big hoarding boards in the city, advertisement on television and newspapers, huge physical structure, popularity in social networking sites, etc impress the people towards your business.

4. Response quickly but positively
You run a hugely popular website. If you have ego and you don’t response your audience quickly, sincerely and positively, it is sure that you are very near to the rainy season. Today people have thousand of options in the market. They will hang there where they feel comfortable. So bear in mind that you have to provide good service.

5. Let people Engage
You are mobile network. If you engage the customers with new services, offers and quality, chances are low that your customer will drop your network. So engaging people is essential psychological factor to keep your customers stick with you. Otherwise, their mind will divert towards other company which has just made a noise in the market.

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you discovered more psychological factors that can change any business? If your answer is YES, write in comment. Now you don’t need to compulsorily register to comment. It takes less than 1 minute to write your words there. Good Luck.
Discovered by Don Prince