Nepal is a historically famous country. This is the birth place of the great personalities such as King Janak, Sita, Gautam Buddha, Araniko, Bhrikuti, etc. The history of Nepal is read interestingly by many people in the world. But there are some wrong beliefs in the history of Nepal which should be edited in time. Ten of them are given below:

1. Jung Bahadur Rana was believed to have seen a white tiger before he died. This is a surprising event in Nepal and it is described as the effect of old age on Jung Bahadur Rana. People don’t know that there are white tigers too in our wild dictionary. So he might have seen it really.

2. The division of people into 4 castes such as Brahmin, Kshetry, Baisya and Sudra was believed to be done by Jaya Prakash Malla in Nepal. But this is also already mentioned in Hindu scriptures. He might have followed it from those scriptures.

3. History says that when Emperor Ashok visited Nepal, his daughter Charumati married with a Kshetry in Kathmandu. This is quite unbelievable. May be, she loved someone there.

4. It is said that Kathmandu valley was a big pond. Someone cut the hill of Chovar with a sword and let the water go out of the valley and the city was formed. This is also unbelievable. May be someone gathered many people surrounding the valley to do that.

5. Some people say that Goddess Sati had cursed Nepal. This is not true. She might have cursed Himalaya areas not, Nepal.

6. It is believed that if someone having mother no more, go into the deep pond of Matatirtha during the festival of Mother’s Day, he/she will see his/her mother. This is quite ridiculous. He may feel the presence of mother there.

7. Hindu devotees mistakenly think that the Gods and Goddess have crown on their head. But I think this is not true. Some kings in past might have managed to spread the rumour that King and royal family is god. So people started making pictures and idols of Gods and Goddesses with crown.

8. There is a story in the Nepalese society that God Gorakhnath had given boon to PN Shah. May be he had seen it in dream and people assumed it real.

9. There is a natural lamp burning inside a pond in Muktinath. This is believed to be the proof of the presence of divine power. It may be the natural gas inside water.

10. Birupaksha Idol is believed to be growing. It is said that when it comes out completely, the world will end. It might have spread with people’s gossip.
There are lots of such confusions in the history of Nepal. These 10 are only representation. They need proper research. There is no argument that the history of Nepal must be rewritten.
Discovered by Don Prince