List of Super Powers Backed by Dream

People often dream. But they don’t care about their dream. They don’t know that dream is much more thing than they think about it in their life. Let’s see 10 super powers that anyone can unleash by using dream.

1. Dream as a career guide
I got an emergency call by my friend. His name was Sandesh. I immediately went to visit him. But the case was normal at least for me. He had seen a strange dream and he wanted to interpret it rightly with my help. His dream was something like this. ‘’He with his three friends Arun, Bishwash and Sameer was going somewhere. They found a river on the way. Arun, Bishwash and Sameer crossed it. But he was still waiting. He saw the river. It was very clean that the surface was easily seen. But it was so deep and he did not know swimming. His friends also did not bother to call him. He also did not try to cross the river.’’

Now my friend had given me a case and I had to investigate it. As our friendship was older I didn’t have to spend my time for asking his history. But my friendship with those other three friends was not date back to 4 months. So I asked Sandesh about Arun, Bishwash and Sameer. He also told me all he knew about them. Now the case was clear to me like the water Sandesh had seen in his dream.

I interpreted Sandesh’s dream like this. ‘’Walking on the road indicates one’s going on task, aim, goal, competition, mission, etc. Sandesh is not walking alone in his dream. He is accompanied by his three friends. That means this dream is about the common task of four friends. River on the road indicates the obstacle to fight in reference to the life of Sandesh. Three crossed it. But Sandesh could not. Because he did not know swimming. It means Sandesh lacks the main skill to achieve the goal which rest of friends have got. Sandesh's friends did not encourage him to cross the river. It means none of them like Sandesh achieving the goal. In conclusion the subconscious mind of Sandesh was saying Sandesh to learn a particular skill to achieve his particular goal through this dream.''

After 1 hour of brainstorming, I clarified the meaning of Sandesh’s dream which goes like this. ‘’These four guys have started working hard to run social networking sites. All of them are working in different projects. Three of them have progressed much. But the pace of Sandesh is like that of tortoise. Because there is a major problem. The knowledge of programming is a must to tackle this problem. But Sandesh is lagging behind in programming skill. He must learn it to meet his goal.’’

Now Sandesh is learning programming. He has done tremendous changes in his project. So dear friends, dreams are not the product of our random thoughts. If we understand dream it is a map to reach our destination.

2. Dream as a spy
I often know previously whatever trick my good friends plan for me. I work accordingly and they get surprised. Some well wishers ask me, ‘’How do you know everything?’’ My simple answer is ‘’I have a spy.’’ Now they think that I really have someone to work as a detective for me. But the truth is another. The spy behind me is nothing other than my dream. I am always alerted by my dream whenever there is something  going at my back side. I am imparting this skill to everyone who are interested. If you develop the efficiency to interpret your dream, your dream can expose any secret behind and forward you. See an example.

‘’ One day I found a surprising trick designed for me. By interpreting my dream, . I recognised the person behind the stage. Then I verified it by doing a little investigation for some days. When I became confirmed, I gave an amazing answer secretly. Though it was not a bad answer, it is still unknown.’’

3. Dream as a private astrologer
I don’t believe on horoscope and astrology but I have full belief on precognition through dream. Go and read some pages of history, you will find so many incidents. Subconscious mind of every person shows a glance of the future through dream. The only difference is that some people just ignore it whereas some people use it genuinely. How many times have you seen a dream of arrival of your dearest one at your home and it has become a true event next day?

4. Dream as a doctor
As a librarian manages books in library, our subconscious mind sorts our life situation, thoughts and events in mind through dream. So dream can be a good medical instrument to measure the mental condition of people. Modern psychologists use the dream of the causality to diagnosis their mental problem.

5. Dream as a magician
If you develop the power to control your dream you can materialise your dream by visualising it through your dream. You know that modern psychologists believe on power of visualisation. Just think, when you control your dream you can see the dream of getting your goal fulfilled. Is not it a golden opportunity?

6. Dream as a mind reader
If you know the exact interpretation of your dream, you can read any person by listening his/her dream. Let’s see an example.

One of my colleagues told me that he sometimes sees unknown girl in his dream. I immediately know about him that he had not a good relationship with his wife. That’s why he was frustrated. So he imagined a girl for support and he saw her in his dream.

7. Dream as a means of communication
Telepathy is the way of communicating with mind without getting physical access. Dream is the excellent idea to have such communication. There are several movies in Hollywood and Bollywood where two lovers meet first in their dream then after in their real life. Assume it to be real. Then isn't it the magic of telepathic communication through dream?

8. Dream as a weapon
If one knows how to control other’s dream, he can easily hack other’s mind. He can do it by sending certain situations, messages or suggestions in mind. I still remember. One of my friends tried to dominate me. I controlled his dream and send suggestion of feeling sorry towards me. Tomorrow in the morning he asked for an excuse.

9. Dream as a historian
The history of your subconscious mind is older than your physical presence. So it knows past life before you were born. Dream is the right media your subconscious mind talks with to remind you the special thing backed by your past life. You may have heard several rebirth cases in India and other parts of the world where the victim first sees events of previous birth in dream. This is the proof that dream can represent our past life.

10. Dream as an energy
By controlling what you see in your dream, you can see good dreams which will charge you positively and spiritually. Dream is essential part of our life. If one does not see dream for several days, he/she will face several health related problems.

Dream is still an mysterious chapter in Psychology. Dream is not just a dream. This is something more than a dream. Have a sweet dream.
Discovered by Don Prince

Historical Research on Marriage of Radha and Krishna

National Discovery Channel gets a lot of queries about the marriage of Radha and Krishhna through Google Search. Google often sends people on our most popular article ‘What Happened to Radha after Krishna Left Vrindavan?’.  Unfortunately, people can’t get complete answer there. Because this article is not absolutely about marriage of Radha and Krishna. It is about the life of Radha after Krishna left her in Vrindavan. So we decided to write a separate article to satisfy the people’s need. Hope you like it.

What do ancient scriptures say?
All religious scriptures are silent regarding the issue of marriage between Radha and Krishna. They don’t even mention the name of Radha. Because Radha came in religious literature publicly in 18th century. Hinduism is so old religion to know everything clearly. But it is not impossible too. Modern mythological writers have presented their opinions about Radha differently. Every year there is new book with new philosophy in the market. However no one has  become successful to give satisfactory answer so far.

Was Radha already a married woman?
We often find people talking online and offline that Radha was a married woman. This is a big confusion. And we also accept it. But Radha’s husband was no one other than Lord Krishna himself. We don’t want to say a word to those who believe that Radha married someone else other than Krishna. We only request them to read ‘Gita’ once or once again. You will find Krishna to be the symbol of ideal. How can we believe that such person may have relationship with a married woman?

Did Radha and Krishna marry?
Of course they married. Not once, but two times, i.e., informally and formally. We have already covered this story in our previous three articles. Search these articles in Google or National Discovery Channel.
1. Untold Story of Radha and Krishna
2. What Happened to Radha After Krishna Left Vrindavan?
3. The Reality Behind the Marriage of Radha

Trying to find out Radha and Krishna married or not is just waste of time. Because it is already a known and natural truth that they married. If you have read those 3 articles. You have understood it.
Discovered by Don Prince

Why Can't God Fulfil Your All Wishes?

One of the most common questions I ask with people is ‘Do you believe on God or not?’. Fortunately majority of the people say ‘YES’. However I find some people who don’t believe on God. When I ask them about the reason, they say that it is because God does not listen their pray.

I agree God mostly does not listen our pray. He does not fulfil our wish all the time. How is it possible? Today I will tell you why God can’t fulfil your all wishes.

As it is very easy to understand anything with story, I am going to express my opinion in the form of a story. The story is based on imagination. In the final you will get your answer. Now let me tell you my story.

Once upon a time there lived a poor family in a village. There were only four members in that family. They were Jack, his wife Amanda, son Tom and daughter in law Mery. Jack was a great devotee of Jesus Christ. But he had never asked anything with God Jesus.

One day Jack made mind to ask something with Jesus. He prayed the God. As Jack was a true devotee, Jesus appeared in front of him and asked why he called him. Jack told that he had been tired of his poverty. He wanted to be rich at least for his family. At last, he asked ten million dollars with the God Jesus. God Jesus told that he was not able to fulfil his wish as it was against the rule of nature. But Jack did not move from his determination. So Jesus told that his wish will come true after one day.

The next day Jack found a bag on the road. When he opened, it was full of money. He thought that God Jesus fulfilled his wish. He ran to home and soon he made a large building. He bought a new car and started a business and lived happily.

Jack did not know where the money had come from. Neither does he want to investigate it. One day a bad message came from his daughter in law Mery’s home. Mery’s father had lost a money bag on the way. So he died with heart attack after some days of the event. After getting this message, Mery also died. Later Jack told his son Tom that the money which he got was of Mery’s father. Tom became very angry and left the home. Tom got accident on the way and died. After listening it, Jack’s wife became mentally sick.

Now Jack understood he had nothing to live happily for. He prayed Jesus. Jesus came again. Jack told that he did not need wealth any more. He just wanted his family back. Jesus smiled and said that his wish will be fulfilled.

Tomorrow in the morning when Jack got up from the bed, everything was fine. His son Tom was reading. His daughter in law Mery was cooking food and his wife Amanda was coming with tea for him. Jack understood that he had a special dream last night.

So God has made the rule of nature and he also follows it. If such rules are violated, there will be imbalance on the earth. That’s why God can’t listen you all the time. Now I hope you have got answer of your query.
Discovered by Don Prince

5 Psychology Tips All Entrepreneurs Must Get

Let me give you 5 killer tips for your business. Either you are an online entrepreneur or an offline investor, you can squeeze much of juice from the topics of Psychology. Let’s begin the fruitful journey.

1. Increase Value with high authority
Assume that I have just self started my social networking site. Just imagine how much value does my site get if it is signed up by 10 top rated Hollywood actors and actresses? Obviously, most of the people take it seriously and my site will grow faster due to the high value in the market. So this is justifiable to say that increasing brand value is one of the business keys for success.

2. Learn to hypnotise people
Don’t mistake of understanding it negatively. Hypnotism is no doubt an interesting chapter for business promoters. You are everyday being hypnotised by many business companies for their profits. You don’t notice it or you don’t know about it. For instance, when you are offered something free for purchasing any goods, you immediately buy it. But you never think that the price of the goods has already covered that free goods because your mind had been hypnotised with the word ''Free''. Another instance, you went to market to buy hair oil. The shopkeeper showed you some varieties. You were confused which to buy for you. When you saw an oil bottle with a photo of the superstar of your country, you bought it. Because you were watching the ad of this oil many times in TV. Was that oil really better than the others you left on the table? You don’t care it because that ad has hypnotised your mind to buy it.

3. Become a large business
If customers have to choose between a large shop and a small shop, they will obviously choose large one because it is written from ages in their mind that large shops have high quality and accessibility. Big hoarding boards in the city, advertisement on television and newspapers, huge physical structure, popularity in social networking sites, etc impress the people towards your business.

4. Response quickly but positively
You run a hugely popular website. If you have ego and you don’t response your audience quickly, sincerely and positively, it is sure that you are very near to the rainy season. Today people have thousand of options in the market. They will hang there where they feel comfortable. So bear in mind that you have to provide good service.

5. Let people Engage
You are mobile network. If you engage the customers with new services, offers and quality, chances are low that your customer will drop your network. So engaging people is essential psychological factor to keep your customers stick with you. Otherwise, their mind will divert towards other company which has just made a noise in the market.

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you discovered more psychological factors that can change any business? If your answer is YES, write in comment. Now you don’t need to compulsorily register to comment. It takes less than 1 minute to write your words there. Good Luck.
Discovered by Don Prince

10 Wrong Beliefs in the History of Nepal

Nepal is a historically famous country. This is the birth place of the great personalities such as King Janak, Sita, Gautam Buddha, Araniko, Bhrikuti, etc. The history of Nepal is read interestingly by many people in the world. But there are some wrong beliefs in the history of Nepal which should be edited in time. Ten of them are given below:

1. Jung Bahadur Rana was believed to have seen a white tiger before he died. This is a surprising event in Nepal and it is described as the effect of old age on Jung Bahadur Rana. People don’t know that there are white tigers too in our wild dictionary. So he might have seen it really.

2. The division of people into 4 castes such as Brahmin, Kshetry, Baisya and Sudra was believed to be done by Jaya Prakash Malla in Nepal. But this is also already mentioned in Hindu scriptures. He might have followed it from those scriptures.

3. History says that when Emperor Ashok visited Nepal, his daughter Charumati married with a Kshetry in Kathmandu. This is quite unbelievable. May be, she loved someone there.

4. It is said that Kathmandu valley was a big pond. Someone cut the hill of Chovar with a sword and let the water go out of the valley and the city was formed. This is also unbelievable. May be someone gathered many people surrounding the valley to do that.

5. Some people say that Goddess Sati had cursed Nepal. This is not true. She might have cursed Himalaya areas not, Nepal.

6. It is believed that if someone having mother no more, go into the deep pond of Matatirtha during the festival of Mother’s Day, he/she will see his/her mother. This is quite ridiculous. He may feel the presence of mother there.

7. Hindu devotees mistakenly think that the Gods and Goddess have crown on their head. But I think this is not true. Some kings in past might have managed to spread the rumour that King and royal family is god. So people started making pictures and idols of Gods and Goddesses with crown.

8. There is a story in the Nepalese society that God Gorakhnath had given boon to PN Shah. May be he had seen it in dream and people assumed it real.

9. There is a natural lamp burning inside a pond in Muktinath. This is believed to be the proof of the presence of divine power. It may be the natural gas inside water.

10. Birupaksha Idol is believed to be growing. It is said that when it comes out completely, the world will end. It might have spread with people’s gossip.
There are lots of such confusions in the history of Nepal. These 10 are only representation. They need proper research. There is no argument that the history of Nepal must be rewritten.
Discovered by Don Prince

6 Psychological Methods That Can Make You More Intelligent Than Einstein

No one argue that this is the time of intelligence. Each and everything has been dominated by knowledge and creativity. Most of the people are genetic in their intelligence. But do you know it can be developed by applying some scientific methods?

1. Unload you burden from your mind
If your mind is full of unnecessary thoughts, tensions and disturbances, this will block creative thinking. You can’t work genius. Neither can you give good decision. It also sucks your memory card. So be free from unnecessary thought by applying conscious and subconscious method. Meditation is highly recommended.

2. Stick with intellectual schedule
The jar of mind never fills with the water of knowledge. The more you fill water, the more the jar goes deep. So make a schedule of intellectual exercise by reading books, magazine and websites. Writing own books and blogs is highly appreciated.

3. Join the intellectual community
Company plays a vital role to change people’s behaviour and thinking. It is also important to enhance knowledge.  Being in a community of intellectual people can increase your thinking capacity. Involve yourself in the intellectual discussion online as well as offline.

4. Open yourself in groups
Psychologists say that environment can play a good role to shape the people’s mind and attitude. Always listen to the comments of well wishers and ignore the dominations of opponents. Show your talent normally to gather people appreciating your knowledge. One appreciation is enough to make you more intelligent.

5.Think positively
One thought is enough to decide people’s personality. Don’t think negatively. Give priority for positive thinking if you need to decide between Positive and Negative. Never feel inferiority. Visualize yourself as mentally powerful and intellectual person and behave accordingly.

6. Maintain sound health
Health especially sound sleep plays dominant role to make a person brilliant. Lack of sleep causes paralysis to your memory power. Similarly, psychologists say that the memory power decreases when a person becomes older. So keep on exercising your mind as you do with your body.

History has several evidences that so many normal as well as abnormal people have improved their mind potentiality magically and become world famous personalities. The above mentioned 6 methods are the keys they used knowingly or coincidently. I hope it helped you. Happy reading.
Discovered by Don Prince

Untold Love Story of Jung Bahadur and Putalibai

Kaji  Balnarsingh Kunwar and his brother in law Mathawarsingh Thapa were on the exercise of archery. Suddenly an arrow hit their target. They looked back. It was Bir, the son of Balnarsingh. ‘’What a target!’’ Mathawarsingh Thapa appreciated. Birnarsingh replied, ‘’The target of Jung Bahadur never can be missed.’’ He was the man who was recognized as Jung Bahadur Rana in the history of Nepal.

As Balnarsingh was given the post Kaji which had been made hereditary in his family in reward of killing the murderer of King Rana Bahadur Shah on the spot, Jung Bahadur was made Kaji in the palace after Balnarsingh passed. He impressed Prince Surendra Bikram Shah by many extra-ordinary braveries like catching alive tiger, controlling mad elephant by jumping from the 9 storied Tower, Diving in the Narayani river and deep well, etc. After evaluating abilities, Surendra increased the power of Jung Bahadur in the palace.

One day coincidently, Jung Bahadur Rana met Putalibai, the closest Susare and friend of Youngest queen Laxmidevi. Putalibai became the key for Jung Bahadur to open the lock of success. In the first meeting Putalibai and Jung Bahadur fell in love. Jung Bahadur was married at that time. However, polygamy was acceptable in that society. Laxmidevi used to share everything to Putalibai. So it opened the door to know the real situation of palace for the Master Mind like Jung Bahadur Rana. Here is a point to be noted that the love of Jung Bahadur was true even though his love was fruitful for his political game.

Credit: Wikipedia
Political instability and internal groups were extreme in the palace. After the death of the Eldest queen Samrajyalaxmi, the ambition of King Rajendra’s favourite queen Laxmidevi raised head. She wanted to make her own son Ranendra Bikram Shah the king of Nepal in place of the legitimate Surendra Bikram Shah. Her ambition became the issue to plot Nepal’s most destructive massacre namely Kot Parva.

Jung Bahadur Rana wanted to install his family rule in Nepal and he was looking for the proper opportunity. By bending himself into the current situation, he was rising day by day in the palace. However there was another person keeping him back in this race. He was his own close friend Gagan Singh Bhandari {Gagan Singh Khawas}. Gagan Singh was the dearest one to queen Laxmidevi. Some historians believe that Gagan Singh and Laxmidevi were in affair. When someone {possibly Jung Bahadur Rana} killed Gagan Singh, queen Laxmidevi became fire with anger. She immediately called court. Every courtiers assembled in the court without arms and weapons as per the rule. But Jung Bahadur’s brothers with 3 battalions surrounded the wall of the Kot as planned previously. Queen Laxmidevi was sure with Jung Bahadur that he will support her to ascend his son in the throne. In this way Jung Bahadur got an opportunity to finish his many enemies in the Kot. A dreadful massacre took place. Then with the support of Queen Laxmidevi, Jung Bahadur became the Commander in Chief and the Prime Minister of Nepal.

As Jung Bahadur was leaned towards Surendra Bikram Shah, he denied to make Ranendra the King of Nepal. So queen Laxmidevi ploted another conspiracy to finish Jung Bahadur. With the help of Basnet group she planned to kill Jung Bahadur in the party going to be held in Bhandarkhal garden. But by the information of Putalibai and Pandit Vijay Raj, Jung Bahadur Rana washed all enemies in Bhandarkhal. This massacre is known as Bhandarkhal Parva {Basnet Parva} in the history of Nepal.

Jung Bahadur exiled King Rajendra Bikram Shah and queen Laxmidevi for plotting the conspiracy.  Then he became a powerful prime minister of Nepal. King Rajendra sent some people to kill Jung Bahadur but they were arrested and executed. Jung Bahadur fired Rajendra Bikram from enthronement and made Surendra Bikram Shah the king of Nepal. Then he installed family rule of Rana dynasty. King Rajendra continued the struggle. He was arrested in Alau. This event is known as Alau Parva. In this way the three Parvas, i.e., Kot Parva, Bhandarkhal Parva and Alau Parva finished the enemies of Jung Bahadur and established him. He was made Shree Teen Maharaja by king Surendra.

After several years, Jung Bahadur had gone to Pattharghatta. He died there. His queens except two younger queens decided to go Sati. Putalibai also went Sati. There is a saying that there is a hand of woman behind the success of every man {Also there is a hand of woman behind the destruction of every man}. This saying is relevant with the love story of Jung Bahadur and Putalibai. Without Putalibai it was impossible for Jung Bahadur to know the unstable and fragmented situation of palace which is the main cause of his rise. And if Putalibai had not informed him about the plan of his murder, he would have made plan to rise in the paradise.

Though Jung Bahadur established dictatorship in Nepal, he had done many reformations in Nepal. The rise of Jung Bahadur was a need of time. But his successors could not understand the contemporary situations of Nepal. They could not change their ways according to the time.  It became the main cause of the downfall of Rana Rule in Nepal.

How to Deal with Bad Friends?

There is a famous saying in English, ‘’If you are in search of a faultless friend, you should remain friendless.’’ So first of all, you should accept that no friend is faultless. There is another saying, ‘’Doing mistake is not a mistake. Repeating mistake is a mistake.’’ You should judge that your friend is doing mistake willingly or he is just innocent. Because MISTAKE is a life time process. Everybody is doing mistake every day.

Sometimes you will find some people really very bad to you. What to do in that situation? Don’t use ‘’Tit for Tat’’ principle there. Behave positively. You will find them more liberal than you. If they are still inflexible, change your behaviour. Because if you are still paying value to them, you are instigating their ego. Just ignore them simply. They will react positively.

Some people are really bad. If you are also like them, chances are high that you will find each other very positive and social. If you are opposite to them and you are trying to change them  to you, think that you are trying to build a house with sand in a big river. Because good and bad can never be friend. So you should try to be far from them. However you should not cut the relationship with them. Because it is necessary to run the society.
Have a Nice Friend.
Discovered by Don Prince

What Happened to Krishna after Mahabharata War?

Let’s open the chapter of Ramayana First. All of us know that Lord Ram killed Bali with arrow by hiding behind a tree. After the end of Ravan, Angad, the son of Bali asked Ram to revenge with the murderer of Bali. He did not know that his father had been killed by not other than Lord Ram himself. Lord Ram said that his wish would be fulfilled in another birth. Actually Lord Ram was incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu was coming to the earth again in the form of Lord Krishna. Thus, Lord Krishna had set his disappearance from the earth before he appeared.

Now let’s open the pages of Mahabharata. As Lord Krishna had come to the earth to defeat the unjust, he plotted, directed and ended the Mahabharata war in which unjust lost and just won. All of us know that this war was between Kaurav and Pandav. All 100 Kaurav brothers except one of them died in this war. So their mother Gandhari cursed Lord Krishna to face same situation in future meaning that Lord Krishna and his Yadav clan will die by fighting each other like Kaurav and Pandav of Kuru clan. Lord Krishna accepted the curse.

Days passed. Months passed. After 36 years, a serious event took place in Dwarika Iceland of Lord Krishna. Samba, the naughty young son of Lord Krishna played a fun with Saptarishi who had come to visit Lord Krishna in Dwarika. Followed by some friends, Samba disguised himself into a pregnant woman and asked the Rishi to predict he will bear son or daughter. Kanva, one of the Saptarishi knew it and cursed Sambha to give birth of the thing which he had kept inside him. He also said that the thing given birth by Samba will be the cause for the death of Lord Krishna and Yadav clan. Then after, according to the suggestion of Ugrasen and Akrur, the iron bolt coming from inside Samba was ground into powder and cast into the sea Prabhas. While grinding, there was remaining of the triangular shaped mace which could not be ground. It was also cast into the sea.

Time passed by. The triangular shaped mace was swallowed by a fish. The fish was caught by a hunter namely Jara {Jiru}. He turned the triangular shape mace into a poisonous arrow for hunting. And the powder also gathered along the coast of the sea which turned into grasses later.

In 3102 BC, some prominent Yadavs had went for a picnic near the coast. They started talking about the war of Mahabharata. All Yadavs had fought siding Kaurav in Mahabharata as per the wish of Lord Krishna. However some of the Yadavs had sided Pandav. They began to criticize each other in relation to Mahabharata war. A massive fight broke out within them. They began to kill each other. Krishna plucked the grasses of made from powder and threw at the fighting Yadavs. They also began to throw the grass ignorantly at each other. The grasses turned into sharp blade which killed all of them.

Krishna immediately called Arujan from Hastinapur and asked him to take all women and children to Hasrtinapur. Krishna forced Radha {Rukmini} also to go to Hastinapur for security. While going Hastinapur, some Bandits attacked Arujan. As Kali Yuga was going to begin, the super powers were going to vanish from the earth. So, Arjun could not control the situation. Many children and women died. The remaining women and children along with Radha reached Hastinapur.

As Krishna was doing the part of a human on the earth, he was not able to change the situation in Dwarika. He along with Balaram went to jungle. Balaram left his body with the power of his Yoga. Then Lord Krishna also began to meditate. The hunter namely Jara perceived him to be a deer and shot the arrow at him. Ultimately the poisonous arrow took the physical life of Krishna.

When everything was in calm, the bodies of Krishna and Balaram were taken to Hastinapur. Radha lied on the funeral pyre of Krishna and burnt her physical body in the name of Satee System. After 7 days, the Dwarika state sank in the sea Prabhas.

10 Thoughts That Can Change Your Life

1.    Never Believe A Person Who Runs After Money, Power, Name and Girl.

2.    A characterless person has no right to give lecture.

3.    Those who deceive others will be deceived by God.

4.    If you want to defeat TRUTH, go and defeat God.

5.    God is the greatest scientist in the universe.

6.    GOOD and BAD never can be friend. Because they are the two poles of a same magnet.

7.    A  Real Man is born to fight for world not to die for love.

8.    When tiger is on a rest, even dogs start barking at the gate.

9.    Humans can change their habit, but they can never change to themselves.

10.  The man who feeds others should never be hungry in life because God himself is worried about him.
Discovered by Don Prince

Miscellaneous Amazing Facts

1.    The weight of the man is different on the earth, moon and sun.

2.    Some people experience bleeding from nose while climbing mountain.

3.    The shape of the Sun is larger while rising and setting.

4.    There are peaks of sand in the desert.

5.    Our eyes look red in photo.

6.    Wind starts blowing in the area of fire

7.    If we pour kerosene in the burning thing, the fire will put out.

8.    Water boils faster in the Terai than in the Hill.

9.    The bloods of the insects are not red.

10.   It is always ten past ten in the watch shown in advertisement.

11.   People do not snitch while sleeping.

12.   The water in throat does not go inside till we wish.

13.   We snitch when we smell the chilly.

14.   Things are easy to lift in water than on air.

15.    It is easy to swim in sea than in river.

16.    Ice floats on alcohol.

17.    The sound of the gun can’t reach far on the moon.

18.    The weight of thing is more in polar region and less in equator.

19.    The water of well is cold in hot season but hot in cold season.

20.    The fire of petrol can’t be put out by water.

21.    Damaged egg floats on water.

22.    Sound is heard clearly in hot air than in cool air.

23.    The air coming from punctured Tyre is cool.

24.   The ditch made by the high heel shoes of a woman is deeper than the ditch made by an elephant’s leg.
Discovered by Don Prince

Science for Society

Conflict in family in the name of daughter in law and mother in law is common in Nepalese society. One of my relatives told me how he separated from his parents. I noted a famous expression often expressed in Nepal while he was explaining about his wife and mother. While leaving home he had shot a dialogue. ‘’I will take care of my wife even living under a tree but I don’t stay in this house.’’ This is popular in Nepalese society. This means to say that they can stay even under a tree if they can’t build a house. But they don’t want to get any support by parents.

Let’s see another example. Srijana, one my friends, was going to marry with a strange boy in the pressure of her parents. Ramesh who loved her went to her house. There was big financial gap between them. Ramesh was a poor guy. Srijana told to her parents that she can stay even under a tree if she gets Ramesh in life.
I often hear this ‘’Living under a tree’’ stuff in the society. Are they really willing to live under a tree? I know this is only a proverb or saying. However I am thinking how much scientific this saying is. At least, I am thinking just for fun. Suppose they began to stay under a tree. How much is it dangerous in scientific point of view? Let me tell you if you don’t know. The vegetation like tree produces oxygen with the help of sun light throughout the day. But this process can’t continue at night due to the absence of sun. As a result the tree will be producing carbon dioxide instead which causes difficulty in breathing for the man. So, next time, think of another thing to say, if you are leaving home.

Two neighbours fought with the issue of land encroachment. Some villagers came and reminded both of them. One of them said, ‘’What can you take from this world after death? Don’t fight.’’ Though it was a good suggestion, I was thinking this popular saying in a funny but also serious way. I was asking a question to myself. Can we fight if we can take something from this world?

One of the most common questions we are often asked in our life is we are vegetarian or non vegetarian. This question forced me to think people can be really vegetarian or not. I still remember. I was having dinner. After seeing milk on the table, one of my friends asked me, ‘’Are you vegetarian?’’ ‘’Why?’’ I asked. He said, ‘’Because you are having milk.’’ ‘’ I am having milk. So I am non vegetarian.’’ I replied. I don’t know he understood or not. Milk is made inside the body of buffalo by using its white blood cell. So I was saying myself a non vegetarian.
Discovered by Don Prince

Who Made Einstein the Greatest Scientist of the World?

I think I am not wrong if I tell that Albert Einstein is the most popular celebrity in the academic world. You might have noticed that almost all intellectuals illustrate the master mind of Einstein while inspiring someone to have great intelligence. You might have also heard the saying that Sir Einstein had used only ten percentage of his brain capacity. And this is a common question in academic discussion that what would have been to this world if Einstein had used hundred percentage of his mind potentiality?

I hope you will not get angry with me if I tell you that this type of discussion and question is worthless. Why? Every human can use maximum ten percentage of his mind potentiality. This is carried on by our conscious mind. Rest of the mind potentialities is handled by our subconscious mind. I don’t say that no one can cross that threshold. But to do so one must mobilize his subconscious mind. So it is clear that it is not justifiable to say that Einstein had used only ten percent of his mind potentiality.

Here is good news for you. Everyone can be intellectual like Einstein. Not only this much, even people with dull mind can be intelligent. Kalidasa, the great poet of India is the burning sample. All of you know that he was too dull in previous days of his life. Later he became the greatest poet of India. He did it by sending the positive suggestion to his subconscious mind. There are so many such samples in the world. So you should believe that you are/will be very smart and intelligent. You will surely get it coming true.

Would you mind considering these facts?
@ Thomas Elva Edison invented electric bulb.
@ Michael Faraday invented electricity.
@ Right brothers invented aeroplane.
@ Graham Bell invented telephone.
@ Marconi invented radio.

Now let me ask you a question. Why did not other people invent these inventions? Actually all human brains have capacity to invent. But they lacked belief and consequently they lacked confidence and ultimately they lacked tireless efforts. So only Thomas, Faraday, Graham Bell, Rights brothers and Marconi did it because they knew they had treasures in their subconscious mind and they explored it.
Discovered by Don Prince

How to Read People Like An Open Book?

Today I am very excited to publish this article. This article is a precious gift to those who are searching formulas to learn how to read people like an open book. This article is also helpful to know present, past and future. As National Discovery Channel does not believe on the future prediction based on Traditional Astrology Science, this article has presented a psychological and scientific method to know about future. Moreover, this article will teach you how to know the secret of people without asking a word with them {Don't use this knowledge to violate someone's right to privacy}. Let's begin the fruitful journey.

For your information, you are going to learn the following things with this article:
@ How to know present, past and future of anyone?
@ How to change your future's bad events?
@ How to improve present?
@ How to know the secret of anyone?
@ How to know the people's hidden attitudes?
@ How to prevent yourself from being exposed by others?

I guarantee that you will definitely learn what I mentioned above provided that you will use it with high caution and good intention. Now let's not waste time. Like earlier, I am explaining it by narrating my true experience where I exposed people magically by using my knowledge of psychology.

Last week I with my friend Shambhu had visited a web hosting company in Kathmandu. After spending about 2 hours there in talking with Sheela, the Director and other staffs there, we returned without giving them our  project. On the way, my friend asked me curiously about our return without setting goal. I told him so many things about the company and director which they had not expressed with us. They are like this:
# The director has unstable mind, so the company may change policy any time.
# She looses her temper very fast. So there may be  problem in future.
# She is loose in character.
# After some years the condition of the company will be worst.

My friend asked me obvious questions, ''How can you say like that? How do you know these all about his attitude, present condition, past and future?'' And I think all of you are also asking same question with me. So without delay, I will answer how I knew these all in which you will also learn this scientific magic.

1 year back I had met a woman named Rupa in her hosting company. After the business relationship, I found following things about her:
# She was characterless.
# She was unstable minded.
# She looked angry most of the time.
# Her company was getting down day by day.

When I reached the office of Rupa that reminded me Sheela and her attitude as well as her business. Firstly the decoration, color and other arrangement of her office reminded me Sheela. Because it was exactly like the office of Sheela. Then I began to compare both women and their postures, way of talking, behavior as well as their mentality. I found a lots of similarities between Rupa and Sheela. So considering the attitude, business and life of Sheela I estimated all things about Rupa which later became true.

Thus this true {but modified} case proves that one can read any person by comparing his life with another person whom he/she knows about. But remember that one or two similarities can't decide. If you go like this, there will be wrong prediction and estimation. Moreover, remember that the life and attitude of two similar persons with similar interest and face are not necessarily similar by 100 percent. However most of the things will be definitely matching with them.

Now let me teach you how to prevent yourself from being exposed with psychologically talented people. As you read above, our hobbies, behaviors, postures, dress up etc are always making us open in front of other. First we have to learn about the attitude of people in relation to their body languages and interest in psychology. Then we have to stop ourselves from doing particular things while talking with other. We can also give artificial signal to the people for misleading their estimation.

If you want to improve your present or prevent your future's events, first find the similar person somewhere who matches with you with face, interest and other things. Then change your attitude dramatically. When there is change in your activities, there will be change in your future also. For example, suppose you found a person who is similar like you. You studied his present and past. He is getting loss in business. Previously he was in profit. After some days he got more loss. Now compare your business with him. If you are also getting somehow loss. It means you will get more loss in future. If you are in too loss at present, it means he and you are in same situation. Now you have to observe his life, whatever is happening with him. And if you want to change your life's events like loss of business, first find out what is the main cause of his loss. Suppose you found his unstable policy is the cause and you also have same habit. Immediately change this habit. Also do some changes in your office from decoration to administrative principle that makes you different than him. You will definitely get different result than him.

Believe or not, I always know the attitude of any person from the very first day of the meeting. I am doing it from years and I am following the same theory of comparison I mentioned above. I think everyone is an open book. If you know the exact formula, you can read the book easily. You can explore everything about him from his/her character to honesty. In this way you can travel his past to future via his present.
Discovered by Don Prince