Some children were playing on a public playground. They began to quarrel. They wanted to beat a boy. But an amazing thing happened. Some dogs gathered there and began to bark at those boys. At last all boys ran a way. But the single boy was still staying there. The dogs also stopped barking. Can you believe on this event if I tell you it is real?

Yes, it is real. The name of the boy is Basu Aryal {name changed} from Nuwakot, Nepal {address changed}who is widely known as Little Dog Master in his school and community. Basu likes dogs. He has accurate record how many dogs there are in his little city. He is only 9 years old. He studies in Grade 3. Suman Joshi, one of his friends says, ''There is a special dog among all dogs. The dog carries the bag of Basu on its neck while coming to school. And the dog arrives at school before 15 minutes Basu arrives.'' Raju Shrestha, the another friend says, ''Sometimes, Basu comes to school by sitting on that dog.''

The Little Dog Maser is an average student in school. But his teachers say he is different than other students. He writes his answers creatively, ask cross questions smartly and tries to make new instruments also. For that he is known as Albert Einstein among students and teachers in his school.

There are many people in the world who have succeeded to keep friendship with animals. Some are staying with even tigers, leopards and other dangerous animals and insects. It proves that if animals are loved and cared, they also can be our friends. These cases arise a question, i.e., Do animals have feelings like us? I want to know your opinion. You can support me to find my answer by writing your views in comments. SAVE ANIMAL, SAVED EARTH.
Discovered by Don Prince