Humans have some amazing characteristics. They see the world from their own point of views.They make rules and principles according to their own nature. They think everybody is wrong except themselves. I am, specially, talking about the character of people. Today, character has become no issue for most of the people. Because it is the main obstacle of their ambition. So they have ruined it in the name of modern culture. But they, perhaps, have forgotten that it is like trying to cover the fire with smoke. Truth is Truth. In fact, the immoral relationship of people has become the main cause of family crash, sin and crime.

In course of Mahabharat, Arjun asked with Shree Krishna,
''Atha Kena Prayuktoyam Papam Charati Purush
Anichchhtrapi Vasnreya Baladiva Niyojita''
''What inspires man to commit sin?''

Then Shree Krishna said,
''Kam, Yesh Krodh Yesh Rajogunasamridwa
Mahashena Mahapapma Viddeyanamiha Wairinam''
''Immoral Desire is the enemy of man which inspires him towards sin and crime.''

In this way Shree Krishna says that the immoral desire of the humans is the enemy of them. So if a man likes to be sinless first he has to control his immoral desire and cultivate a good character within him. Shree Krishna further said to Arjun,
''Tasmatwamindriyandyadau Niyamya Bharatshrava
Patmanam Prajahi Honan Gyanbigyannasanam''

''Control and end Immoral Desire forcefully because it kills knowledge.''

Really, if one can control his desire, he can control everything. Otherwise his desire will control him and he will be doing sins and crimes. Ultimately, he has to face lots of problems in life which will make his life worse than a hell. So, let's follow the teachings of Shree Krishna and make ourselves moral, honest and dutiful.
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Discovered by Don Prince