About 10 years back, I was returning my hometown from the far western territory of Nepal. The travel was so long. A young man came besides my seat. I was somehow compensated. By his conversation I guessed he was a police officer. As Maoist Conflict was going on in the country, his explanation was very adventurous. In each new location, he was telling me the notable features as well as major events taken place there. Anyway he had made my journey exciting.

A man near us was listening us. He also joined us. Now the time pass talking became more time pass. Our discussion has all things like fun, jokes, adventure, recreation and somewhere griefs. I still remember the condition of Nepal was very scaring and frightening at that time.

The man who had joined our discussion left us in his destiny. The policeman asked me a question, ''Do you know why did he drop himself across the bridge?'' It was an amazing question. Obviously I did not know the answer. So he answered, ''Because before the bridge, there is a society which he belonged to and it is Badi Society.'' I was hearing first time about Badi Society. The policeman explained it in short.

Badi society exists in the terai region of Mid Western and Far Western Development Region of Nepal. According to some websites, there are about 40,000 Badi people living in Nepal. They are believed to have come from India. In past, they were sexually exploited by ruling side . So they are still following prostitution as their major occupation.

Badi people are getting inhuman treatment. They need special protection by the constitution. Many Badi women want to leave their traditional profession. Government of Nepal should pay special attention for the rights of these people.
Discovered by Don Prince