One of the common characteristic of Hindu Gods and Goddess is that they have multiple names. More amazingly, some of them have got more than 100 names in them a few names are widely popular. Just for example, Lord Shiva is also popularly known as Shankar, Mahadev and Bholenath. Similarly Lord Krishna also has many names like Gopal, Vashudev, etc which I had already mentioned in my previous article. In this article, I have mentioned more 5 names of Lord Krishna with their respective meaning.

Shree Krishna is also known as,
1. Madhusudan,
2. Arisudan,
3. Govinda,
4. Rishikesh, and
5. Vasnreya

Krishna is called Madhusudan because he killed a monster named Madhu.
He is called Arisudan because he is the destroyer of enemy.
He is also called Govinda because the word 'Govinda' avails the form of God.
He is known as Rishikesh because he is the owner of all senses.
He is known as Vasnreya because he was originated in 'Vrishnibansa'.

So the Gods and Goddesses have multiple names in Hinduism because of their particular specialties. Lord Krishna is the dearest and nearest to all Hindus of all sects in Hinduism. So they call him with different names based on the several miracles and pranks made in different situations by him.
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