1} The horse can sleep by standing.
2} The cat sometimes hide its stool.
3}The dog moves around before it sleeps.
4} Dogs and Cats sometimes eat grass.
5} Some birds like gray goose stands on one leg.
6} Animals also communicate with each other.
7} The earthworms come out after rainfall.
8} Lizard changes its color time to time.
9} Animals like dogs, buffaloes and horse take water by lapping by tongue.
10}Most of the experiments are done firstly with mouse.
11} Large birds can fly in the sky without flapping their wings.
12} Ants return through the same path they travel.
13} The white polar bear has black skin.
14} The dog tries to catch its tail by its mouth.
15} The eyes of cats shine at night.
16} Animals also cry by rolling down tears like humans.
17} Dogs keep its tongue out of its mouth in hot season.
18} Dogs cry much at night.
19} Some animals like cats, dogs and lion sits by lying their legs front.
20}Some insects do not feel pain.
Discovered by Don Prince