5 Names of Lord Krishna with their Meaning

One of the common characteristic of Hindu Gods and Goddess is that they have multiple names. More amazingly, some of them have got more than 100 names in them a few names are widely popular. Just for example, Lord Shiva is also popularly known as Shankar, Mahadev and Bholenath. Similarly Lord Krishna also has many names like Gopal, Vashudev, etc which I had already mentioned in my previous article. In this article, I have mentioned more 5 names of Lord Krishna with their respective meaning.

Shree Krishna is also known as,
1. Madhusudan,
2. Arisudan,
3. Govinda,
4. Rishikesh, and
5. Vasnreya

Krishna is called Madhusudan because he killed a monster named Madhu.
He is called Arisudan because he is the destroyer of enemy.
He is also called Govinda because the word 'Govinda' avails the form of God.
He is known as Rishikesh because he is the owner of all senses.
He is known as Vasnreya because he was originated in 'Vrishnibansa'.

So the Gods and Goddesses have multiple names in Hinduism because of their particular specialties. Lord Krishna is the dearest and nearest to all Hindus of all sects in Hinduism. So they call him with different names based on the several miracles and pranks made in different situations by him.
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Does Shree Krishna Support Immoral Relationship?

Humans have some amazing characteristics. They see the world from their own point of views.They make rules and principles according to their own nature. They think everybody is wrong except themselves. I am, specially, talking about the character of people. Today, character has become no issue for most of the people. Because it is the main obstacle of their ambition. So they have ruined it in the name of modern culture. But they, perhaps, have forgotten that it is like trying to cover the fire with smoke. Truth is Truth. In fact, the immoral relationship of people has become the main cause of family crash, sin and crime.

In course of Mahabharat, Arjun asked with Shree Krishna,
''Atha Kena Prayuktoyam Papam Charati Purush
Anichchhtrapi Vasnreya Baladiva Niyojita''
''What inspires man to commit sin?''

Then Shree Krishna said,
''Kam, Yesh Krodh Yesh Rajogunasamridwa
Mahashena Mahapapma Viddeyanamiha Wairinam''
''Immoral Desire is the enemy of man which inspires him towards sin and crime.''

In this way Shree Krishna says that the immoral desire of the humans is the enemy of them. So if a man likes to be sinless first he has to control his immoral desire and cultivate a good character within him. Shree Krishna further said to Arjun,
''Tasmatwamindriyandyadau Niyamya Bharatshrava
Patmanam Prajahi Honan Gyanbigyannasanam''

''Control and end Immoral Desire forcefully because it kills knowledge.''

Really, if one can control his desire, he can control everything. Otherwise his desire will control him and he will be doing sins and crimes. Ultimately, he has to face lots of problems in life which will make his life worse than a hell. So, let's follow the teachings of Shree Krishna and make ourselves moral, honest and dutiful.
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Life Tips No one Should Miss

Don’t Do
Don’t take                   Tension
Don’t give                    Betrayal
Don’t do                      Crime
Don’t tell                      Lie
Don’t be                      Bad
Don’t hide                   Truth
Don’t Show                 Pride
Don’t lose                    Existence

Don’t Give To
Belief                          Secret
Selfish                         Love
Relative                      Wealth
Love                           Betrayal
Poor                           Word
Friend                         Loan
Guest                          Humiliation
Rich                            Encouragement
Coward                       Excuse

Money Can Give.....But Can’t Give.....
Happiness                   Peace
Medicine                      Life
Bed                              Sleep
Book                            Knowledge
Idol                               God
Pen                               Creation

What is Life?
Challenge                      Fight
Game                             Win
Travel                            Complete
Duty                              Perform
Dream                          Get
Mystery                         Disclose

Life in the Eyes of....
Police                            Criminal
Enemy                           Revenge
Friend                           Help
Priest                            God
Mother                          Love
Father                           Duty
Scientist                       Discovery
Rich                              Pride
Poor                             Innocent
Doctor                          Service
Leader                          Chair

Don’t’ forget                  Loan, Nation and Friend
Respect                         Father, Mother and Teacher
Be kind with                  Hungry, Mad and Child
Remember                    Truth, Promise and Duty
Don’t tease                   Poor, Teacher and Woman
Be far from                   Laziness, Violence and Sleep
Don’t think miner         disease, loan ad enemy
Leave                          Anger, Gambling and Immorality
Don’t Leave                Intelligence, Character and Skill
Don’t Joke with           Disabled, widow and orphan
Behave with                Servant, poor and scholar
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What Does the Bhagavad Gita Say about the End of the World?

Shree Krishna is specially honored for preaching Bhagavad Gita. Gita is one of the holy books of Hindus. However, devotees from all religious background honor Gita and its teachings. It is the universally accepted truth that the words and verses of Gita are expressed by Shree Krishna himself. and one can believe that almost all of the verses in Gita are absolutely true.

All religious books like Koran, Tripitaka, Bible, etc mention about the end of the world. What does Bhagavad Gita say about the end of the world? Let's know it in the words of Shree Krishna himself in Gita.


Meaning: ''Life begins, goes and ends with me.''


Meaning: ''I am the death marching to catch the sins. I have come to this world for a climax. So in the war of true and false, false has no chance to be escaped.''


Meaning: ''In every age false tries to overtake true. So I will appear again and again to help true to overcome the false in the battle.''

So, Gita gives hints of the great war which takes place in every age. How can we get rid of such problem? Gita tells all the human beings to follow the path of truth. This is only one way to get the God. This is only one way to get the life. And this is only one way to get rid of the war.

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Little Dog Master

Some children were playing on a public playground. They began to quarrel. They wanted to beat a boy. But an amazing thing happened. Some dogs gathered there and began to bark at those boys. At last all boys ran a way. But the single boy was still staying there. The dogs also stopped barking. Can you believe on this event if I tell you it is real?

Yes, it is real. The name of the boy is Basu Aryal {name changed} from Nuwakot, Nepal {address changed}who is widely known as Little Dog Master in his school and community. Basu likes dogs. He has accurate record how many dogs there are in his little city. He is only 9 years old. He studies in Grade 3. Suman Joshi, one of his friends says, ''There is a special dog among all dogs. The dog carries the bag of Basu on its neck while coming to school. And the dog arrives at school before 15 minutes Basu arrives.'' Raju Shrestha, the another friend says, ''Sometimes, Basu comes to school by sitting on that dog.''

The Little Dog Maser is an average student in school. But his teachers say he is different than other students. He writes his answers creatively, ask cross questions smartly and tries to make new instruments also. For that he is known as Albert Einstein among students and teachers in his school.

There are many people in the world who have succeeded to keep friendship with animals. Some are staying with even tigers, leopards and other dangerous animals and insects. It proves that if animals are loved and cared, they also can be our friends. These cases arise a question, i.e., Do animals have feelings like us? I want to know your opinion. You can support me to find my answer by writing your views in comments. SAVE ANIMAL, SAVED EARTH.
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20 Interesting Animal Facts

1} The horse can sleep by standing.
2} The cat sometimes hide its stool.
3}The dog moves around before it sleeps.
4} Dogs and Cats sometimes eat grass.
5} Some birds like gray goose stands on one leg.
6} Animals also communicate with each other.
7} The earthworms come out after rainfall.
8} Lizard changes its color time to time.
9} Animals like dogs, buffaloes and horse take water by lapping by tongue.
10}Most of the experiments are done firstly with mouse.
11} Large birds can fly in the sky without flapping their wings.
12} Ants return through the same path they travel.
13} The white polar bear has black skin.
14} The dog tries to catch its tail by its mouth.
15} The eyes of cats shine at night.
16} Animals also cry by rolling down tears like humans.
17} Dogs keep its tongue out of its mouth in hot season.
18} Dogs cry much at night.
19} Some animals like cats, dogs and lion sits by lying their legs front.
20}Some insects do not feel pain.
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A Few Words about Badi Society

About 10 years back, I was returning my hometown from the far western territory of Nepal. The travel was so long. A young man came besides my seat. I was somehow compensated. By his conversation I guessed he was a police officer. As Maoist Conflict was going on in the country, his explanation was very adventurous. In each new location, he was telling me the notable features as well as major events taken place there. Anyway he had made my journey exciting.

A man near us was listening us. He also joined us. Now the time pass talking became more time pass. Our discussion has all things like fun, jokes, adventure, recreation and somewhere griefs. I still remember the condition of Nepal was very scaring and frightening at that time.

The man who had joined our discussion left us in his destiny. The policeman asked me a question, ''Do you know why did he drop himself across the bridge?'' It was an amazing question. Obviously I did not know the answer. So he answered, ''Because before the bridge, there is a society which he belonged to and it is Badi Society.'' I was hearing first time about Badi Society. The policeman explained it in short.

Badi society exists in the terai region of Mid Western and Far Western Development Region of Nepal. According to some websites, there are about 40,000 Badi people living in Nepal. They are believed to have come from India. In past, they were sexually exploited by ruling side . So they are still following prostitution as their major occupation.

Badi people are getting inhuman treatment. They need special protection by the constitution. Many Badi women want to leave their traditional profession. Government of Nepal should pay special attention for the rights of these people.
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