SLC examination 2070 has begun in Nepal. Every year several students commit suicide in Nepal after facing failure in this examination. I have written this short post to encourage all the SLC students of Nepal not to loose heart in case of failure.

The world got many famous scientists in the past. Most of them were genius from the beginning stage of their life. However there are some scientists who were said to be very foolish by their relatives, teachers and other people. Some of them moved the world later by their mind blowing inventions. They are as below:

1. Elbert Einstein: Elbert Einstein is specially known for his general theory of relativity on which atom bomb was invented. He is the father of science. But he was not intelligent student in his life. His teacher used to humiliate him by saying foolish and dull student.

2. Thomas Elba Edison: He is specially known for the invention of electric bulb. After some months of his school life he had been restigated from school as he required proof whatever his teachers taught him. Then he never went to school. However he invented more than 1000 inventions.

3. Michael Faraday: Michael Faraday is the inventor of electricity. He could not go to school due to his poverty. He was the boy who used to live by selling newspapers. Later he became a world famous scientist.

Education is no doubt  important. But it is not heart of life. It is only part of life. So don't depress if you fail. There are many options waiting for you. Best of luck for success.
Discovered by Don Prince