All Gods and Goddesses have multiple names in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu is specially known as Narayana and Shree Hari. Lord Shiva also has different names like Mahadeva, Shankar, Bholenath, etc. Likewise, the angel of love Lord Krishna also has got many names. Do you know why he has so many names? The answer is simple. He is known with different names which have special meaning. Let's see some examples.

@ Krishna is called KRISHNA because he is black in color.
@ He is called MURARE because he killed a demon namely Mura.
@ He is called VASHUDEVA because he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu {Vashudeva}.
@ He is also called GIRIDHAR because he lifted the Gobardhan Parbat to save people.
@ He is called MURALIDHAR because he plays the musical instrument named flute {Murali}.
@ He is also called DAMODAR because he was bound by a rope by her mother when he was a child.

Lord Krishna has so many names. I have listed only those names which are very common and are often used to call him. See the most famous hymn on Lord Krishna.
Shree Krsihna Govinda Hare Murare
Hey Naath Narayana Vashudeva
Ananda Baikunda Mukunda Krishna
Govinda Damodar Madhava veti

I think there is no Hindu in the world who can't sing this hymn. See the underlined words. These all words are different names of Lord Krishna. Now you can imagine how many different names Lord Krishna may have.
Discovered by Don Prince