It was the sunny day of summer. He was sleeping deeply. I went nearby and stood in front of his bed to ask  something. Before I say anything he woke up himself and asked the cause to come there.

The incidence is only sample. I had heard that he had such special quality that he is always alert even he is sleeping. He says with the conditional that his name and address won't be exposed, ''I also sleep as other normal people. But I am all the time aware of the surroundings while sleeping.''

He needs generally 7 hours sleep. Sometimes if it is disturbed at night, He needs to sleep only 30 second in day time. Then he becomes completely recharged.

As per my knowledge, it happened due to his alert subconscious mind. Because subconscious mind never sleeps. Anyone can develop such quality if he/she practice it.
Discovered by Bishal Banjara via Don Prince