Sakar was a cashier in a private bank. One day he said, ''I had a dream yesterday where I resigned from my job.'' I said, ''It means either you want to quit your job or you have got a problem with your boss.'' He only smiled in answer. After a week, I heard that he left his job willingly because he did not want to stay far from his hometown.

Because some dreams represent the unfulfilled desires, they are shown like that. So one can smartly know the mental condition of anyone by analyzing his/her dream. Let's see another example.

One of my friends said that she had seen an strange dream at night. She was getting marriage with her classmate in her dream. She was afraid as marriage in dream generally represents decline in life span of the dreamer. But I was still calm and smiling. Because I had known the secret that she loved that lucky classmate.
Discovered by Parinav Jha via Don Prince