There is a famous saying 'Money does not grow on Trees.' But this proverb has been proven to be wrong in a state of India. Now we have to say 'Money grows on trees.' It happened there.

Do you believe the above statements? Don't hurry to decide. First, read the full story. You believed or not, some people in India believed it. Kamlesh Thakur {name changed} is one of them.

Kamlesh Thakur was from a middle class family. He had some economic problems in those days. He somehow came in the contact of Rakesh Barma {name changed}. Rakesh convinced Kamlesh to pay some money to take him to the  money giving trees.

According to the plan, Rakesh took Kamlesh very far from the city. In a lonely place, there was a hermit sitting under a tree. When Rakesh and Kamlesh reached there, he understood the case and started his tantra mantra to make rainfall of money from the tree. Kamlesh could not believe his eyes. The tree threw money through its branches. He didn't notice Rakesh was behind the tree dragging a rope to make artificial rainfall of money as planned previously.

According to the plan, the hermit made Kamlesh close his eyes in a pretext of completing his tantra mantra. When Kamlesh closed his eyes, the hermit took out a sword and became ready to cut the head of Kamlesh. But in the right time, the police fired in the air and arrested Rakesh Barma and the hermit.

Actually Kamlesh and the police team had already planned to arrest them by this drama. Rakesh and the hermit had already killed so many foolish people in the name of money trees. Kamlesh's brother and his family also had been killed by them. So Kamlesh helped police to arrest them.

Many people become victim of such criminals due to superstition. They blindly believe on such ridiculous magic. They don't even use their common sense before trusting such stuffs and lose their life and property. So I appeal all of you to fight against such superstition in the society.
{Based on Sawadhan India of Life OK Channel}
Discovered by Don Prince